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Park Benches: Three Unsuspecting and Unusual Uses

Park Benches: Three Unsuspecting and Unusual Uses

The classic look of wooden park benches has adorned many environments, but the benches required a lot of care so weren't always the seating of choice. Many designers are taking a new look at the furniture because of inexpensive and maintenance-free recycled plastic park benches.

Picnic Tables Options For Wheelchairs

You have a host of options when buying recycled plastic picnic tables from Waste Wise Products, and we don't just mean size and shape. We have a number of tables designed to seat people in wheelchairs.

Safer Kids Furniture: Meet A Surprising and Socially Responsible Material

We want to keep our kids safe and yet it seems like there are so many dangers in their environments. No matter how carefully you watch them, that one moment when you take your eye off is when something happens.

Eco-Friendly Plastic Picnic Benches Have Many Advantages Over Wood

Eco-Friendly Plastic Picnic Benches Have Many Advantages Over Wood

Many environmentally conscious consumers associate anything plastic with environmental ills. It is derived from petroleum, which sometimes requires unpopular extraction techniques and always requires chemical processes to produce the plastics.

Recycled Park Benches: An Economical Way To Breathe New Life Into Area Parks

Over the past few decades, entertainment options for families have become more far-reaching and technologically-advanced than ever before. Between digital television, DVRs, video games and smartphones, it would seem there isn't much time left for anything else! But one treasured pastime that has stood the test of time still remains -- spending time at the local park.

How To Create A Green Outdoor Break Area With Recycled Park Benches

As an employer, there's nothing more frustrating than a workplace that lacks energy. If you've ever walked through the office on a Monday afternoon, greeted by forced smiles and an overwhelming feeling that everything is moving in slow motion, you may be looking for new and inventive ways to increase productivity.

Building Stronger Communities and Home Values Through Development of Common Areas


Getting To Know Your Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables

Paper or plastic? Odds are you've been asked that question at least once or twice this week; and in most cases, we tend to choose plastic. The more important question, however, is what you plan to do with that plastic bag once you've finished using it.

How To Transform Your Backyard Into A Classroom With Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables

Creating fun children's activities that foster learning and creativity can be a challenging task, especially during those summer months when school is out and they need that extra boost of brain stimulation.

The Upside of Downcycling: How Plastic Bottles Can Become Plastic Picnic Tables

We've noticed that there are a lot of misconceptions about the recycling process. Many people are apt to assume that every time they recycle a bottle or can, that it is automatically broken down and transformed into another bottle or can.