FAQ | How to choose recycling bins
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Why pay a contractor/hauler to pick up your waste?

Purchasing the right recycling bins for your recyclables will benefit any corporate waste strategy. Receive your recycling pick up for free. Separating your recyclables from waste will give them value. Your contractor/hauler won’t have to do as much separating because your waste is pre-sorted.

Check with your city, contractor or hauler to get the most economical and efficient amount of recycling, organics, or other streams you need. This will save you money when you are purchasing recycling containers. Waste wise products offers multiple solutions for single, double, triple, quad or 5+ stream recycle stations.

How many streams are you dividing your waste into?

Here are some examples of different streams

  • 2 streams: beverage containers & waste
  • 3 streams: beverage containers, waste & paper
  • 4 streams: glass, metal, waste & paper
  • 5 streams: glass, metal, waste, paper & plastic

Check with the contractor/hauler or if it's your city picking up your waste/recycling check with them. Find out how many streams they want your waste divided into. You may only need recycling containers with 2 or 3 openings/compartments and not 4 or 5. This will save you money when you are purchasing recycling containers.

How many compartments / streams are needed for my container?

Choose a depot/recycling center style container that has the same number of compartments as you have streams from your waste.

Usually plastic containers are the least expensive material to have your containers made from. Then its steel followed by fiberglass and recycled plastic lumber. Stainless steel and laser cut steel are also higher in price.

Most containers can come in any color you want. However there can be a surcharge if the order is small. Matching your recycling containers to your décor or surroundings is becoming more and more popular. Many of our containers can come with textured finishes to help meet those aesthetic requirements.

Can Labels and signs be customized?

Labels and signs are an important component to help in the recycling effort. We customize the labels for you including any language, text or graphics. Contact us for details.

What benefits do I gain with separated recyclables?

If you are paying a contractor/hauler to pick up your waste you should be receiving your recycling pick up for free. Once you have separated your recyclables from your waste, those recyclables now have value. Your contractor/hauler won't have to do as much separating because you have already done most of it for them. So keep that in mind when you negotiate a new contract.