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Trash Cans

Are you in the market for trash cans for your business or office space? Believe it or not, the right waste bins can make a huge difference in the overall look of a space. Waste Wise Products Inc. can provide you with any trash cans that you need. Our large collection of single stream waste receptacles and garbage cans come in a variety of customizable options available for any facility.

We have many different trash can styles to offer in terms of colour, material, shape and sizes. Need recycling bins too? No problem! We have tons of coordinating recycling bins and trash cans that will be the perfect addition to your space. To cut down on space, you can also opt for a double or triple stream recycle bin, which also will encourage customers and employees alike to recycle what they can!

No matter what type of trash can you need for your space, Waste Wise Products Inc. has the solution. Choose from our many styles and sizes to perfectly complement your space. We have everything from simple trash cans to designer, high end models. Call us today for more information, or fill out our online contact form!