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Building Stronger Communities and Home Values Through Development of Common Areas

Are you tired of passing by an endless stream of “for sale” signs and vacant homes in your neighborhood? With a challenging economy and a real estate market desperately trying to recover, perfectly good homes often sit untouched for months or even years, causing area home values to plummet. It may seem hopeless, but there is an easy and fairly inexpensive way that community leaders can help turn things around — and it all starts with park benches! How can park benches possibly increase property values?

Quite simply, prospective buyers are looking for a place that just feels like home, and what better way to convey that feeling that to showcase a community that is close-knit and enjoys spending time with one another? Common areas complete with park benches, playgrounds and gardens, offer the perfect opportunity for residents to show potential buyers the warmth and family-like atmosphere the neighborhood has to offer!

Get To Know Your Neighbors! Develop More Common Areas For Residents

Imagine you’re on your way to check out a home for sale in a neighborhood that you’re fairly excited about. Based on the pictures you viewed online, you love the house and everything you’ve read about the community indicates that it should be a decent place to live. And then you pull into the subdivision and notice a few alarming trends.

Half of the homes on the block are for sale and even worse, there is absolutely no one outside in the streets! No kids playing basketball, nobody walking their dog, and certainly no community gatherings taking place. It’s enough to send you running in the other direction!

That’s why it’s so important for residents to socialize, get to know one another, and work together to make the neighborhood a warm and inviting place. Adding a few common areas where people can gather is the first step to uniting the community. Park benches offer the perfect location for people to sit, relax and chat; and you can find a variety of sizes and styles to suit just about any type of neighborhood.

With just a few pieces of playground equipment, some well-maintained flowers and shrubs, picnic tables and park benches, you’ve created an ideal spot for community members to get together, whether randomly or for planned social events and activities!

Help The Environment And Improve The Community With Recycled Park Benches

Why stop at neighborhood cookouts and block parties? Try uniting the community with a common cause, like preserving the environment. For example, when community leaders choose recycled park benches for their common areas, it might spark a neighborhood environmental awareness campaign.

Community members could implement a recycling program by requesting recycling bins for each park or common area and working together to maintain them. Planting a community garden also helps the environment and provides yet another chance for people to display a sense of fellowship throughout the community.

So how does this sound? You excitedly make your way to another open house. As you turn into the neighborhood, you notice children playing on a playground, two couples chatting while sitting on park benches, and a group of individuals working in the community garden. Sounds much more appealing than the original scenario, right? As more people fall in love with the neighborhood and move in, property values will continually rise – a win-win situation for everyone!

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