Three Ways to Engage Teams and Clients to Maximize Your Recycling Program Engagement

Three Ways to Engage Teams and Clients to Maximize Your Recycling Program Engagement

Three Ways to Engage Teams and Clients to Maximize Your Recycling Program Engagement

We live in a time where there is more waste than ever before. The impacts of consumerism and throwaway culture are significant, which is why a recycling program is so important. Whether for a school, office, or residential space, implementing a program designed to encourage and enable strong recycling habits can help cut back on waste. A strong recycling program is a crucial step towards more sustainable habits.

But promoting a recycling plan isn’t always as easy as setting down some metal outdoor recycling bins. It takes commitment from all parties to ensure your team or clients are devoted to recycling goals. If you want your recycling program to succeed, several steps must be taken.

Let’s look at three ways to engage your team or clients to maximize the results of your recycling program.

Effective Communication

An important component of a recycling program is effective communication. People must be aware of the commitment to recycling and why that commitment is being set. Give your team or clients a talk about the program, and explain the impact recycling makes. It is important you set goals that can be measured to get the team engaged. A crucial component of this is visuals. People forget, but having a visual hanging over recycling bins will keep it top of mind. The best waste recycling programs will have visual components that measure teams’ progress towards a goal. This creates a fun element and ensures everyone remembers the program and remains engaged.


To get a recycling program to take off, adding some incentive or competition will go a long way. There are a lot of different ways that this can be done. Offices or classrooms can be divided into teams, each with its own recycling bin. Whichever team reaches recycling goals first can win prizes or have bragging rights. The goal is to get people excited about and focused on recycling and adding an element of competition always goes a long way. Prizes can be anything from a keychain to a free lunch; it entirely depends on you. The goal is just to get people invested.

Have the Right Materials

The right materials must be in order for any recycling program to work. This depends on the type of recycling program you want to implement. If it is for an office, an indoor 3-section bin is a nice way to measure different kinds of recycling and waste. For an outdoor space like an outdoor break room, powder-coated metal and recycled plastic recycling bins can hold up well to any weather. What’s important is that this is all set up and ready to go before your recycling program is launched. This ensures clarity and helps draw the lines for your program. The better-organized recycling material you have, the more likely your program will achieve the impact you want.


Implementing a recycling program in your school or office is an admirable decision and has an impact. While no one can tackle the world’s problems independently, small decisions can yield big results. Keeping your team or clients engaged and excited about the program takes effort, but with clear communication, the right materials, and a healthy dose of incentivization and competition, you can create a fun and successful recycling program.

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  1. How helpful that you suggest how important an incentive program for recycling is. I am starting an electronic business this year and want to promote sustainability. I will find a great place for server equipment recycling as well for this.

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