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How To Transform Your Backyard Into A Classroom With Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables

Creating fun children’s activities that foster learning and creativity can be a challenging task, especially during those summer months when school is out and they need that extra boost of brain stimulation. Your kids may be accustomed to having activity time indoors, but one thing is for sure – most children love to be outdoors! So why not gather up those pencils, crayons and blank sheets of paper and head outside for activity time?

It’s amazing how a simple change of location can make a world of difference in a child’s level of interest and focus. Recycled plastic picnic tables designed especially for kids provide an ideal space for reading, conducting science experiments, and doing those beloved arts and crafts. Place one of these eco-friendly work spaces on your patio or deck and you’ll be well on your way to creating an exciting, educational refuge right in your own backyard!

Colorful Plastic Picnic Tables: A Green Alternative For Outdoor Learning

To successfully create a stimulating outdoor learning environment, you will need a functional space for your kids to sit and complete their activities. Wooden picnic tables are popular, but can result in painful splinters, not to mention sharp edges and peeling paint that may prove to be incredibly toxic.

Round, youth-sized picnic tables in vibrant shades of red, yellow and blue are a safe, eco-friendly alternative, allowing you to leave your worries behind and focus on learning and having fun. Best of all, your little students can be as messy as they like with their arts and crafts because cleanup is as simple as a quick wipe down!

Plan Activities That Focus On The Environment

So you took a leap of faith and decided to move activity time outdoors; but now you may be wondering what kind of activities will keep the kiddos engaged. Take a hint from your surroundings and organize projects that double as opportunities to learn about nature and the environment! This could be in the form of arts and crafts, science projects or even a simple nature-themed story time session.

If your child is especially artistic, you might ask them to paint a picture inspired by the elements of nature found in your backyard. For a more scientific approach, consider gathering twigs, leaves, or insects and laying them out on your picnic table to observe. No matter what type of activity you choose, as long as it is a fun, educational experience that you can all share as a family, it will be a winner!

Recycling 101: Teach Your Child The Basics

What do tennis balls, backpacks, and picnic tables have in common? They may have once lived another life as a plastic milk container! That’s right, these are all items that can be manufactured using recycled plastic. Recycled and eco-friendly products are more popular today than ever before as a growing number of consumers look to reduce their carbon footprint. So why not teach your child the ins and outs of recycling with hands-on examples?

When the time comes to head outside for activity time, gather a selection of both recycled and recyclable products from around your house to provide a visual representation of the process. Then explain how recyclable items are sent to recycling centers to be cleaned, melted down and reborn as new products. Your kids will be excited and amazed to learn that the container from which they drink their milk or juice could someday be transformed into a plastic picnic table just like the one they are sitting at!

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