The Safest and Best Furniture Material For Kids

Safer Kids Furniture: Meet A Surprising and Socially Responsible Material

We want to keep our kids safe and yet it seems like there are so many dangers in their environments. No matter how carefully you watch them, that one moment when you take your eye off is when something happens. You can promote safety by carefully shopping for toys, clothing and furniture and buying only the safest products. Learn why recycled plastic is one of the best furniture materials for kids and its numerous advantages below!

Fewer Little Ouchies

One of the biggest drawbacks of wooden furniture is the chance of splinters. You can sand and seal the wood, but over time the wood weathers and unless you keep retreating it there is always the danger of a splinter. A splinter might seem only annoying, but it can turn into a bad infection in no time. Since plastic doesn’t break apart like wood, plastic benches and picnic tables aren’t going to give your kids little ouchies.

Fewer Big Ouchies

You might say, “Metal tables don’t splinter either” but metal furniture brings its own possibility of injury. The hard surface that makes metal tables so durable also makes them dangerous. A child who runs into a metal table could break a bone or get a severe gash from a sharp edge with the added bonus of tetanus. Plastic picnic tables are sturdy and durable, but have enough give that a child is far less likely to be injured when running into or falling on the furniture.

Fewer Toxins

Paints and wood-sealing chemicals might be safer than they were twenty years ago, but that doesn’t mean they can’t harm your kids. This is a particular problem with younger kids who want to bite or lick everything around them. These dangerous substances aren’t used in the construction of plastic picnic tables making them the safest furniture.

Fewer Germs

There is an enormous difference between clean and germ-free. Food residue soaks into wood or gets into tiny gaps in metal tables, providing rich feeding grounds for bacteria that can make kids seriously ill. Many of these items are impossible to clean effectively. Our plastic picnic tables are easy to sanitize, especially the one-piece designs like our Round Activity Picnic Table.

Fewer Environmental Problems

Safety means protecting kids’ futures as well as their presents. Recycled materials reduce our dependence on dwindling natural resources as well as finding new uses for materials that would otherwise clutter our landfills for generations. All of our recycled plastic picnic tables and benches use 100% recycled plastic. When you are ready to dispose of them after years or decades of useful service, the furniture itself is 100% recyclable.

Whether you are buying furniture for a school lunchroom or looking for a play set for your own yard, buy plastic picnic tables to provide the safest furniture for your kids.

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  1. It is always very important to buy furnitures that are safe for kids. Your guideline is pretty much useful for buying safe furniture for kids.

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