How to Strive Toward A Zero Waste Office Halloween Party

Halloween is a fun time of year when office workers all over get together and have fun with office parties. Teams enjoy the fun of the holiday including candy, games, costumes and food. However, this also results in a tremendous amount of trash and waste. There are a few ways to make sure that the holiday is full of fun but does not leave behind a trail of trash. Companies can actually strive towards a zero waste party.

1. Composting Perishables

All food and perishables should be composted rather than thrown in the trash. This is especially true for the leftovers from a pumpkin carving contest. Those large pumpkins take up a lot of space in the dump and in the garbage. Composting also helps create future vegetation.

2. Invite Team Members to Bring Baked Goods From Home

Rather than purchasing packaged goods from the store, team members should bake their own cakes, pies, cookies and brownies at home. They can bring them in sealed containers that are then brought back after work. This removes all trash and waste in the trash can and also saves money.

3. No Disposable Costumes or Table Settings

If possible, reduce disposable items as much as possible. That means that all costumes should be home made or able to transform into a useful object. Do not buy cheap plastic costumes that are immediately trash. Similarly, use silverware and regular place settings that do not need to be thrown away.

4. Place Recycling Bins in the Room

For those products which are used and can be recycled, make sure the bins are already in the room. Place them by the door so that everybody remembers them on the way out. Clearly mark them with the articles that are placed in each container.