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Three Ways to a More Sustainable Office

Three Ways to a More Sustainable Office

Is your office trying to jump on the sustainability bandwagon? Not sure how or where to start? Below are a few simple steps to get started without additional cost that can actually save money!

Paper. We all use paper at the office. It is not only expensive but can also be wasteful. There are several ways to reduce your office’s paper use. Number one is simply to print less. Number two is to print double-sided as much as possible, and number three is to reuse single-sided paper. No matter what method you choose, be sure to place all used paper in the appropriate recycling bins.

Electronics. Another simple method of reducing waste and promoting sustainability at the office is to turn off unused electronics. We are all guilty of leaving computers, printers and countless other peripheral devices on after the work day is done. Often these items are left on or plugged in unnecessarily wasting loads of electricity. Simply unplugging these items, not in use would save real money on the monthly electric bill. Going a step further is to invest in smart strips. With a smart strip all devices are plugged into one power strip, and with the click of a button, everything is turned off and on. This same idea can be applied to the coffeemaker or toaster in the office kitchen; keep these items unplugged until needed.

Water. Everyone gets thirsty while at work. Therefore, rather than purchasing bottled water or even having water stations, encourage employees to bring in their own reusable cups and outfit sinks with water filters. This saves both water and money by no longer needing to purchase water and reduces waste through not having to dispose of empty water bottles. 

These three methods are just a few of the many ways to bring sustainability into the office. Try them out yourself or bring them up at an upcoming staff meeting.

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