Three Easy Ways to Encourage Green Team Building Through Recycling

We should all have an interest in reducing our carbon footprint in the world, especially since we have many opportunities to do so. Recycling is a practical way to substantially reduce our negative impact on the world. It’s also something that can easily be practiced in our homes, and in the workplace. In fact, recycling in the workplace can also be used as a vehicle for team building. It provides an opportunity to introduce recycling and sustainability into the company culture in a fun and easy way and brings employees together for a good cause. Fortunately, there are several different ways to encourage recycling by using team building as an avenue to achieve this.

Introduce Company Wide Recycling Contests

Recycling is easy. We have many tools to help us conveniently recycle plastic, paper, glass, and metal. Using the workplace as a platform to heighten awareness and take advantage of the opportunity to recycle is genius. Plus, using contests that encourage recycling creates a fun and easy way to introduce this practice into the company culture. It also promotes teamwork. You can host employee recycling contests or encourage company employees to form teams and compete with other teams of employees for the best recycling practices. Contests are a fun way of bringing employees together to increase teamwork and achieve a company goal. 

Create an Office Recycling Team

Create a team that encourages recycling as a company-wide practice by creating awareness of all the opportunities to recycle in the workplace. For example, a recycling bin placed beside the copying machine encourages employees to recycle paper instead of throwing it away. Creating a team will also ensure that recycling bins are placed in convenient locations and are used correctly. The formation of a recycling team brings employees together, stimulating creativity and teamwork. Plus, it helps weave recycling into the company culture by assuring that it’s a consistent practice. 

Encourage Employees to Find Creative Ways to Recycle

Another fun way to increase team building and promote recycling is to encourage employee feedback. This can be accomplished in many ways. Company suggestion boxes can be placed in break rooms and other public areas. You can also encourage creative recycling ideas by hosting a monthly recycling meeting with all company employees to generate ideas for creative ways to recycle.

Almost any practice can be cultivated as part of your company’s culture if team building activities are used consistently. Recycling is an easy practice to incorporate into company culture because there is an abundance of opportunities to recycle. However, it helps to encourage the practice of recycling by making it fun by using contests and creating teams. These activities help educate employees on the proper way to recycle and encourage the habit. Plus, the convenient and proper placement of recycling bins makes it easy to sustain the practice of recycling.