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How To Make Office Recycling Bins Raise Team Morale

How To Make Office Recycling Bins Raise Team Morale

Climate change and overflowing landfills are serious topics often discussed in the workplace. Making a difference through starting a recycling program in an office can be a positive and inspiring response to environmental concerns. Also, purchasing new recycling bins can promote team building among the office staff through increasing office space pride, sparking enthusiasm through team contests, and rewarding employees with free breakfast purchased with recycling returns.

Increase Office Space Pride

People spend many hours of their life at work which makes an office building more like a second home. Everyone wants to keep their space clean and free of debris. An uncluttered and clean work area makes employees happier and more productive.

With so many hours spent working in one common area, trash can pile up and become a problem. Different personality types have different expectations of cleanliness which can cause tension between workers. Buying a brand new recycling bin can solve this problem. Promoting a unique and fun recycling program with a sleek and stylish recycling bin motivates people to discard their aluminum, glass, and plastic drink containers appropriately. The entire staff would feel good about having a cleaner and more orderly work area.

Spark Team Enthusiasm With Contests

After the new recycling bins arrive at the office, divide the staff into teams. Each team could have their own recycling bins which are monitored for how many pieces recycled each day. The pieces gathered could be tracked on a bulletin board during the week, and the winning team could receive bragging rights and a small prize at the end of each week; making recycling fun and competitive activity.

Purchase Free Office Breakfasts With Recycling Returns

Everyone loves a free meal from their employer. It lets employees know they are appreciated. But, purchasing free food for a large group of employees can be expensive. Through using recycling bins, the employer can use the money received for aluminum cans and glass bottles to purchase bagels or donuts for the entire team. In this way, the employees feel recognized by their boss and feel good about helping the environment.

Overall, investment in recycling bins for the office can be helpful, fun, and rewarding for all employees. Recycling will raise awareness about the environment as well as the morale of the team.

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