Why Should You Buy Sustainable Packaging For Your Products?
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Why Should You Buy Sustainable Packaging For Your Products?

Why Should You Buy Sustainable Packaging For Your Products?

Recycling has been on everyone's top of mind for years, but sustainable packaging has recently risen to be one of the top procurement specialists' criteria. There are a few reasons for this, but as every product manager knows, many business changes are due to the consumer's needs.

Younger buyers are more environmentally conscious and are concerned with recycling bins and sustainable goods and their packaging. Who wants to overfill the landfills with plastic? Consumers want packaging that will degrade into components but not require the use of human-made materials to manufacture. 

Your first thought might have been that only small businesses or recent startups could plan to use sustainable packaging. That older, more established businesses could not afford to change their production process. That is not the case as well-known household names such as Nestle, Conagra, and Unilever have pledged to increase the use of sustainable products in their packaging. 

As a procurement specialist, you do not need to spend hours researching as the Sustainable Packaging Coalition has not only a list but tools, applications, and services available to help you move your company towards sustainable packaging. The SPC has training courses to educate procurement specialists and product managers on the essentials of sustainable packaging. These courses are accessible online as the continuing Pandemic affects the world. The SPC also has released software, COMPASS®, for use by businesses. It is a design assessment software that compares the environmental impacts of packaging.

The goal of moving towards more sustainable packaging is a noble one. More importantly, it is an achievable one with information readily available and experienced organizations ready to help educate you and your business.

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