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Real-World Examples of Sustainability at the Workplace (and the Results)

Real-World Examples of Sustainability at the Workplace (and the Results)

Are you spearheading a new sustainability project for your brand?
Searching for real-world sustainability in the workplace ideas to reinforce your current strategy?

We combed the internet for sustainability in the workplace examples to help you develop amazing in-house corporate practices of your own.

The Lunch Program – Nike

Beyond Nike eco-friendly products, the brand has embraced sustainable waste management practices that transform how employees work. Through the “Reusable Dishware Program,” Nike has successfully advised their employees against bringing plastic lunch containers to work.

The Results:

Nike cut down on single-use items (bottles and cups) by 16,000 pounds per quarter with this greening initiative. Waste per head was also reduced by 11.5% by the time this report was released.

In-House Sensitization – Coca Cola

Among Coca-Cola’s many sustainable business initiatives, one that stands out the most is the “Do One Thing Campaign.”  This in-house program was used to sensitize employees on the sustainability practices going on at the company.

The team’s main objective was to engage and educate employees – by prompting them to share “the one thing they would do for a sustainable workplace” on Earth Day.

The Results:

Coke’s sensitization campaign has paved the way for its most recent “World Without Waste” program. This initiative aims to make packaging 100% recyclable. So far, 88% of their packaging can be reused.

E-Waste Recycling Bins – Intel

Intel is deeply committed to sustainable work practices, and they now rank among the world’s most eco-conscious companies. 

As a brand, they currently recycle 75% of their total waste output – and it’s all thanks to their reward program. Unlike most eco-conscious companies, Intel ties a portion of their employees’ remuneration to their recycling efforts. In short, Intel rewards employees who stick to their sustainability goals. 

The Results:

The truth is, most sustainability goals for companies fizzle out simply because of a lack of motivation. Through its reward program, Intel now boasts of a highly motivated team that strives to go zero waste by 2030. When your team wins, you win.

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