Creating a Sustainable Outdoor Space Using Furniture & More

4 Unique Ways To Make Your Outdoor Space More Sustainable

4 Unique Ways To Make Your Outdoor Spaces More Sustainable

Whether you’re soaking up the summer sun or entertaining guests, your outdoor space is the hub of it all. It’s also the perfect place to implement your eco-conscious lifestyle. 

Below are tips and suggestions for creating a sustainable outdoor space using furniture and more that you and the Earth will absolutely love.

1) Use Sustainable Materials When Renovating or Remodeling

If you want to add a walkway or a stone patio, consider using natural stone or permeable concrete pavers. Rubber paving stones are also a great option. These stones help redirect waste from sanitary dumps and are available in various colors, shapes, and textures. For a wood deck, consider using reclaimed or recycled wood from other buildings. 

2) Replace Old Lighting Fixtures with Energy-Efficient Ones

Research shows that outdoor lighting, especially worn out fixtures, can raise your energy bills substantially. 

Consider replacing old fixtures with solar-powered fixtures or other energy-saving varieties. Also, opt for LED lights that give off a brighter glow and burn cooler instead of using old incandescent lights. 

3) Utilize Reclaimed Water Solutions

While you might love the tranquility and beauty that your outdoor greenery brings, you might not particularly enjoy the soaring water bills associated with maintaining these plants. 

Consider installing reclaimed water when remodeling your outdoors. A drainage unit that collects the runoff water from your roof and channels it to feed your greenery and landscaping is a great solution. Remember to consult with a sustainability expert in your locality to see what green solutions can do well in your outdoor space.

4) Choose Eco-Friendly Outdoor Furniture

When greening up your outdoor space, keep in mind your leisure spots- garden and patio furniture. 

Go for eco-friendly sustainable outdoor furniture for the garden and patio. This can be furniture comprised of sustainable wood, recycled materials, or reclaimed wood. You can also look at the local yard and garage sales in your area. This will help you make your outdoor furniture even more sustainable as you’ll avoid the carbon footprint involved in shipping new furniture to your locality.

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