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Encourage Restaurant Employees to Recycle During COVID-19

Encourage Restaurant Employees to Recycle During COVID-19

While your staff adjusts to all the new safety procedures to stop the spread of COVID-19, don’t let them forget about the importance of recycling! Now, more than ever, consumers are careful about where they’re spending their money. One easy way to improve your reputation is to become a more sustainable business by implementing a successful recycling program. Here are a few simple tricks that will keep your employees motivated to participate.

Make Recycling Easy

We all know how busy a restaurant staff can get during a dinner rush. Guarantee that recycling is being implemented by making it second nature to your team. Educate your staff on what can and cannot be recycled. Post informative graphics in visible areas. Make the recycling bins easy to access by employees and guests alike. Reward employees who actively take part in the recycling plan. 

Single-Use Plastic

Unfortunately, everything isn’t recyclable. Single-use plastics like straws and cups are some of the most wasteful products bars and restaurants use. To reduce single-use plastics in your business while still maintaining safety protocol during the pandemic, try these tips:

  1. Opt for biodegradable products instead. 
  2. Use a special bin for compostable and biodegradable waste, and educate your staff on how to sort waste into the recycle bins
  3. Let customers know if they can compost carry-out containers and cups. 

Safely Dispose of PPE

Extra waste created by our attempts to keep one another safe is inevitable – PPE like masks, gloves, wipes, and sanitizers are made to be used once and disposed of. Set up PPE disposal bins for employees and guests. Educate staff on what can be recycled (sanitizer bottles) and safely empty the PPE bins. 

The key to running a sustainable business is keeping your team on one page. Provide them with the information and materials they need to succeed and reward their efforts when they do. You’ll be helping the environment and your business reputation at the same time.

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