5 Ways to Bring Sustainability to the Office

These days, the importance of caring for the environment is accepted as a well-known fact. But how does that translate into workplace culture? Here are five ways your office can implement sustainable behaviors…sustainably!

1. Cafeteria Composting

Whether you bring your lunch or enjoy a cafeteria-style meal, consult with any on-site meal provider or maintenance staff to set up a compost bin near dining area trash bins. For ideas on how to create your own upcycled bin, click here.

2. Saving Paper

How often do you print something only to notice an error that you missed during editing? While recycling these used pages is a great step, before you toss it away completely, make sure you’ve used both sides! For papers circulating within the office or for just your personal use, print on the back side of used paper before reaching for a fresh ream.

3. Power Down

According to John Carrol University, computers left powered on waste over $1 billion in electricity each year. To save money and energy resources, encourage staff to power down computers and all electronics at the end of every work day. This will help preserve the life of your equipment, too!

4. BYO…dishware?

Instead of cycling through countless Styrofoam cups to get your caffeine fix, consider refilling your favorite mug from home throughout the day. This will not only save on Styrofoam waste, but it will save on your business’ bottom line, too. Same goes for water bottles–make a one-time purchase of a bottle you love and refill it throughout the day to stay hydrated!

5. Think Outside the Office

Consider carpooling or a cycling group a few days a week to reduce environmental impact even before stepping foot into the office.

For more information on recycling and sustainability practices and the right tools to encourage good practices in your office space, visit our blog.