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Are Your Workplace Garbage & Recycling Bins an Eyesore?

Are Your Workplace Garbage & Recycling Bins an Eyesore?

Are your waste receptacles outdated? Are they no longer serving the needs of your employees and clients? Between 80% to 90% of solid waste in the average workspace is recyclable, so maybe you want to implement a more environmentally conscious waste disposal program, but don’t know where to start. You can begin by assessing the size of your office, the day-to-day population, popular areas to congregate, the types of waste the facility collects, and how you use the bins.

Don’t waste any more funds or time on sub-par garbage and recycling bins for your workplace. Here are a few ways you can select the right ones.

The Best Materials for Garbage and Recycling Bins for Your Workplace

As a facility manager or procurement specialist, you realize your facility needs garbage and recycling bins for both indoor and outdoor settings. You will notice a variety of finishes for the bins, including sleek 304-grade stainless steel, copper, and aluminum, among others.

When you’re looking for ideal garbage and recycling bins for your workplace, you’ll need to factor in the material and finishes. The more durable the finish and sturdy the material, the longer they will last. You can also select finishes that suit your furnishings. For example, polished stainless steel receptacles can often be customized with a variety of laminates. This allows you to match the laminate to desks, chairs, tables, and floors. You can create a cohesive, put-together look that impresses guests right away.

Remember, There Are Various Streams of Waste

Next, you’ll want to assess the types of waste your workplace produces. You might need one, two, three, or four compartments in the garbage and recycling bins for your workplace.

You should also assess your space and how many employees will use the bins. Those considerations are critical to the number, size, and material of the bins you order and where you place the receptacles. Consider the size of waste products as well. Are employees discarding lunch waste and old documents, or are they disposing of large packing materials like cardboard and Styrofoam?

Single Stream

Single bins are useful in many spots, whether that’s as your personal trash can or in a cafeteria. In an eating space, bins that allow users to place trays, dishes, and other items on the top while discarding waste can be especially useful.

Many workplaces choose single stream as outdoor garbage bins because most people are looking to dispose of small pieces of trash outside. If that’s what you’re looking for, consider:

  • The bin’s resistance to moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations
  • How much waste it can hold as outdoor areas may be used as lunch spots
  • How the style fits in with your building and brand aesthetic
  • How easy they are to empty and line

Double Stream

Double stream bins, with compartments for both recyclables and regular trash, are functional and secure. These bins are particularly sought after by businesses trying to implement an environmentally conscious waste disposal system.

Whether you choose to place them in outdoor or indoor spaces, these bins should be durable, the right size for traffic flow, and placed where employees need to make use of both bins. Consider the following factors too:

  • What is the size and type of waste?
  • Do the bins need large openings for accessibility?
  • Are the compartments easy-to-empty with sizable waste materials?

Triple Stream

Triple stream receptacles are useful for facilities that produce many types of waste, especially in particular zones. Perhaps you have a receiving department that needs to separate their recyclables, such as cardboard, plastic, and Styrofoam. Waste cans with flat tops for trays and holding other items are also suitable for eating spaces, where employees need to discard several types of solid waste—food scraps, containers (plastic, metal, glass), and non-recyclable waste.

A triple stream garbage can will:

  • Make your maintenance employees’ jobs of waste removal easier
  • Help you contribute to a greener, more sustainable future
  • Further optimize waste stream sorting for your haulers


If your workplace has a high volume of differing trash types, a quad (four) stream bin makes sense. These streams allow you to separate paper, compost, cans, and regular waste. These workplace garbage and recycling bins are robust enough to handle high traffic and larger loads.

A case study at the University of Michigan showed that by offering more options for waste disposal, the amount of recyclable waste ending up in the “trash” bin and thus in landfills decreased by 20% to 30%. Show your workers, clients, and guests that your company is committing to eco-friendly initiatives, and start with better garbage and recycling bins for your workplace.

What Else Should You Consider?

If you’re in the early stages of shopping for garbage and recycling bins for your workplace, check out online reviews. Product pages are full of customer opinions and experiences that can help you determine the right bin for your office.

Waste Wise Products has the right garbage and recycling bins for your workplace. To learn about our products or to place an order, contact us!

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