3 Countries With the Best Recycling & Waste Management

3 Countries With the Best Waste Recycling Strategies

3 Countries With the Best Waste Recycling Strategies

Countries are now becoming aware of environmental issues like plastic waste, the amount of rubbish going into landfills, and the lack of natural resources. Some countries have come up with better ways of handling these issues more than others. Here are three countries with the best recycling and waste management strategies.


There are new recycling strategies that are being implemented by Germany. The plan that was unveiled by Svenja Schulze is designed to counter plastic waste in Germany and beyond. The waste management system proposal involved the following solutions:

  • Creating biodegradable packaging for products like bananas: this reduces the efforts of unnecessary plastic packaging.
  • Creating environment-friendly policies: companies are going to use new licensing rules to handle packaging, using materials that are environment-friendly. If a company does not adhere to the rules, they are going to incur large fees.
  • Creation of more recycling plants: by 2020, the government is going to increase the plastic recycling plants from 36% to 63%.
  • Separating of plastics from organic waste: the citizens of Germany have embraced the culture of separating trash. More efforts are going to improve the quality of the countries compost.
  • International efforts to clean plastic from the sea: more aid will be used to clean 10 rivers that are said to account for 90% of plastic waste around the world.


The Welsh government in 2018 came up with a strategy of targeting recycling 80% of its municipal waste by 2035. The major efforts to reach this goal include analyzing the potential target for councils that will spearhead the recycling process, as well as finding alternative solutions to specific wastes like carbon.

Wales has the best household waste recycling program in the UK; it comes in third in the world. The Welsh government also announced a 4-week residual waste program to clean up borough households.


The government has implemented the 3Rs (reduce, recycle, reuse) strategy to conduct an integrated solid waste management system. There are also waste-to-energy incineration plants that offer a great solution to the reduction of landfill waste. The 3Rs prevents the generation of waste and helps the nation champion its Zero Waste policy.


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