Single vs. Dual Compartment Recycling and Trash Cans

Is There An Argument for Single vs. Dual Garbage Cans?

Is There An Argument for Single vs. Dual Garbage Cans?

Do your clients comment on your overflowing garbage cans during meetings? Do your co-workers often leave cluttered waste at their desks? You might not know it yet, but these observations can impact your bottom line.

Prospective clients who are put off by your facility’s lack of cleanliness may choose not to continue business due to your lack of professional atmosphere, which they believe may carry into your dealings. Employees may feel that their health and safety concerns aren’t being met, which could lead to a loss in productivity.

As a senior buyer or procurement specialist, you realize the importance of planning and developing your commercial waste program to benefit positivity and professionalism in your workplace. When figuring out the most sensible way to sort out your waste, you need to take a look at your employees’ behavior and the types of garbage your office collects. You’ll likely end up choosing between single and dual garbage cans or double trash bins. Each has its pros and cons, and one will suit your needs according to the types of garbage you tend to collect. When shopping for a new garbage can, here are some important features to consider.

Single Garbage Can: Pros and Cons

A single garbage can has one bucket and can be used for one type of waste. These trash cans vary in size and are perfect for various parts of your commercial office space. The best place to keep a single garbage can is in your break room or office kitchen so that all your non-recyclable and non-compostable trash can go in one central location. However, you can also keep smaller single trash cans in other rooms, such as restrooms, meetings rooms, or even shared workspaces.

These cans come in different sizes and capacities while being cheaper than multi-bin variants.

On the other hand, if you recycle, you’ll need separate bins to dispose of your bottles, cans, and paper products. So, the cost adds up when you add them around your commercial facility, or if you must purchase many receptacles to sort your garbage in a central location.

Dual Garbage Can: Pros and Cons

A dual garbage can, also known as a dual recycling and trash can, provides you with more leeway. It consists of side-to-side bins with two compartments. One compartment is for regular waste, and the other is for your recyclables. The compartments come in different colors, typically black and blue, so you know which waste type goes where. Plus, dual garbage cans differ in size and shape. Some dual garbage cans have equally-sized compartments while others have one large and one small compartment.

The drawback to double garbage cans is that compartments may be slimmer than typical single garbage can compartments. You may have to empty the receptacles more often to compensate for the size. These bins may also cost more, anywhere from three to four times more than a single garbage can. Furthermore, some dual garbage cans require special liners to function effectively.

However, with a dual compartment trash can, you’ll be encouraged to recycle. If your garbage can has color coordinated liners, employees can easily identify and empty your recyclables in the blue compartment of the can. You won’t confuse waste, and your business will be organized before each waste disposal and recycling collection day.

Recycling benefits your business in many ways. You can significantly decrease the amount of waste you need to dispose of. Sorting your items properly can even help you lower or eliminate additional disposal fees. Plus, some recycling companies pay you to take and repurpose your recyclables. By making eco-friendly choices, you can improve your ROI as well as your brand’s reputation. Your employees, clients, and community members will view your company as one that cares for the environment and future sustainability.

So, Which Garbage Can is Better?

If you can afford it, the double garbage can is the better way to go. You won’t have to empty multiple cans across the office, saving yourself time and effort in the process. Plus, you can keep your trash and recycling receptacles in one place. Waste collection days go much smoother, and you’re motivated to be environmentally conscious by separating your waste.

However, if a single garbage can is your preference, you can keep it anywhere in the facility and store more trash. We encourage single garbage can users to get a separate bin for recycling as well.

If you have any questions or concerns about single or double compartment trash cans and recycling, get in touch with Waste Wise Products!

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