5 Best Qualities of Outdoor Salt Storage Containers/Bins

5 Best Qualities of Outdoor Sand and Salt Storage Bins

SOS Storage Bin

Storage bins are versatile equipment used to preserve various types of supplies, such as sand and salt. These outdoor sand and salt storage bins come in different sizes, so you can choose between various designs based on your needs. Smaller bins are more compact, making them easier to manoeuvre. Larger bins have a big capacity, allowing you to store more sand and salt in your inventory.

Along with their physical dimensions, there are other qualities to consider when choosing an outdoor sand and salt storage bin. Durability is important, since these outdoor storage containers must withstand the natural elements, including the harsh winter weather. Accessibility is another key factor, especially if you need to transport the sand and salt to different places. Other criteria include the storage capacity, the designs, and utility features like handles or locks.

How do you decide on the best storage container for salt or sand? Here are the five important qualities that your sand and salt storage bins should have:

1. Storage bin durability

The durability of an outdoor sand and salt storage container is extremely important. These outdoor salt containers and sand containers must combat the harsh weather conditions all year long. When the elements come rolling, they can leave in their wake a lot of destruction. Unless your storage bins are sturdily built, they might cave in under the heavy snowfall, tip over because of the freezing winds, or endure significant damages from the icy temperatures.

Rust is another common problem for storage bins in the winter, as with almost every metallic item placed outside. Ideally, your sand and salt storage bins should be made of plastic, which will provide necessary rust protection from the onslaught of elements. As an added bonus, try to pick containers that are made out of recyclable plastics. Not only are these bins just as durable, but they are also kind to the environment.

If you are looking for a robust sand and salt storage bin, the SOS storage bin is a great recommendation. This is a double-walled container, meaning that it provides double the protection of the common bin. Constructed with high-quality materials, the solid and mighty SOS18 Storage Bin can withstand the harsh winter elements without rusting or caving in. Even amid a ferocious snowstorm, this bin can stand strongly and not give you any worries about its longevity.

2. Storage bin capacity

The size of your outdoor sand and salt storage bins is directly linked to their storage capacity. The bigger the bins, the more sand and salt storage you will be able to hold. Since there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, estimate how much storage capacity you need before purchasing a container. If you are worried about not having enough storage, go for a bigger model to enjoy large quantities of inventory space.

Many facilities require huge volumes of storage for sand, salt, and other materials they need to preserve. Fortunately, there are very large containers available that can address this output. You will be pleased to know that SOS bins are offered in lofty, formidable sizes. The SOS36 Storage Bin is one of the biggest versions with dimensions of 72″ x 36″ x 36″ in width, depth, and height respectively. It offers voluminous storage for those with large demands of sand and salt storage.

3. Storage bin size

Conversely, you may not always need a massive sand and salt storage bin. This is especially true if you have limited space on your premises, so there won’t be enough room for an oversized container. In these instances, downsize your storage bin. Small nestable containers will help you to conserve space efficiently. Plus, you have more versatility when it comes to their placement.

Both the SOS salt bin and sand bin are offered in four sizes, each with a different holding capacity. For the tiniest model, the SOS5.5 Storage Bin is an ultra-compact container with dimensions of 30″ x 24″ x 24″ in width, depth and height. If you only require a modest amount of outdoor sand and salt storage, this small container won’t occupy too much space and it can easily fit anywhere in your facility.

4. Storage bin compactness

Sometimes, you may want to save space and still have decent storage capacity with your outdoor salt storage containers. In these instances, you need to prioritize the compactness of the salt and sand storage bins. Look for a storage bin that takes the minimum amount of surface area possible, while maximizing the vertical design aspects.

For an excellent option, the Infinite Salt Bin has a vertical design that optimizes space without compromising the volume of salt and sand storage. Weighing at only 14.75lbs, you can move this compact sand and salt storage bin anywhere with relative ease. As a bonus, it also comes with a metal scoop that is corrosion resistant, making this a perfect bin for the winter season.

5. Storage bin accessibility

If you need to transport your supplies frequently, the accessibility of your storage bins is essential. Sand and salt are heavy to move around, but not when you are using the right storage bins. It makes perfect sense to use a container that is light enough to manoeuvre, even with the added weight of salt and sand. When your storage bins are light and nestable, these two attributes will make them easier to handle, especially when lifting with a forklift.

With a nestable design and a secure lock feature, the SOS11 Storage Bin is one of the best storage bins for accessibility. This lockable container prevents the contents from spilling out as they are being moved around. The lock helps to reduce accidents when transporting sand, salt, garbage, or volatile pool chemicals and spill kits to different locations.

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