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10 Best Utility Carts for the Material Handling Industry

10 Best Utility Carts for the Material Handling Industry

Utility carts provide a simple, convenient way to transport materials across many facilities. All you need to do is load up the cart and push it to your destination without any strain. The cart helps to improve mobility, increase productivity, and provide temporary storage for items. Available in different sizes and with various features, utility carts can transform your facility into an efficient workspace.

The utility cart is commonly used in the material handling industry, as well as offices, restaurants, and retail stores. Utility carts reduce the need to carry heavy boxes of materials by manual labour, which can be very physically demanding. By introducing utility carts, you have a safer alternative to transport goods, while minimizing the risk of strains and injuries.

From heavy duty utility carts to warehouse push carts, there are many models available with different designs and uses. The following are the ten best utility carts for the material handling industry:

1. Starcart

The Starcart is ideal for moving in-process parts and recycling bulk materials. This utility cart features a thick polyethylene mould and a treated plywood underlay base, making it reliable for transporting various materials. It is ergonomically designed to offer efficient loading and unloading. Built with quality materials, the Starcart doesn’t chip, peel, or warp.

2. Heavy Duty Starcart

The heavy-duty utility cart is best used for moving bulky materials. It features a plywood base that has a thick polyethylene mould. These materials ensure the cart doesn’t splinter or chip over time. It also has diamond casters that ensure safe movement and stability while handling heavier loads. Its ergonomic design ensures efficient loading and unloading, while making maneuvering tough spots easier.

This heavy-duty utility cart is available in different sizes. Those who want a sleek, compact design can opt for the 125B Heavy Duty Starcart with the dimensions of 39″ x 27″ x 31″. Those who want a bigger capacity may prefer the 160B Heavy Duty Starcart, which comes with the 59″ x 35″ x 32″ dimensions.

3. Jumbo Starcart

The Jumbo Starcart is best used for moving bulk material or waste around your facility. The 850B Jumbo Starcart has a capacity of 60 cubic feet and can carry up to 1500lbs. It comes with dual or single-sided easy access cut-outs for improved accessibility. The cart also features a recessed plywood undercarriage and uses FDA-approved polyethylene.

Available in numerous sizes, each Jumbo Starcart has 6″ thread guard casters (2 swivel and 2 rigid) in a corner or diamond pattern. Its ergonomic design offers efficient loading and unloading. You will be pleased to know this pushcart does not peel or warp easily.

4. Mini Starcart

Mini starcarts are the best utility carts for handling lightweight materials. These carts have a thick body with a plated undercarriage, ensuring the carts don’t splinter after being used for a while. They have four swivel casters that help them to reach smaller areas in the facility. Made from polyethylene, they are ergonomically designed to facilitate easy loading and unloading.

The 100A Mini Starcart is one of the smallest utility carts with a build of 21″ x 21″ x 27″, which can fit cozily in almost every facility. A bigger capacity is also available with the 350A Mini Starcart, which offers more storage space in a lean and compact design of 33″ x 23″ x 24″.

5. Next Gen Starcart

The Next Gen Starcart cart offers efficient emptying and loading of materials. The 730B Next Gen Starcart combines a double wall box style lip and a single wall body, allowing increased impact resistance and durability. With two large polycore wheels and two heavy-duty casters, the Next Gen Starcart is easier to manoeuvre around the factory than traditional Starcarts.

This type of utility cart also features ergonomic handles and an added strengthening steel undercarriage. Durably designed, the polyethylene used in making this cart has been FDA approved.

6. Elevated Starcart

Elevated starcarts are ergonomic material handling utility carts, designed to reduce the amount of strain when loading and offloading. These carts have a removable container, which can be raised to a height that doesn’t strain the back. They have three-inch swivel casters that are mounted on a powder-coated steel frame to increase durability. Elevated starcarts can manoeuvre easily through your facility.

The 350E Elevated Starcart is a popular utility cart that carries a max load of 200lbs with dimensions of 33″ x 23″ x 29″. You may also enjoy the 310E Heavy Duty Elevated Starcart, which offers a max load of 800lbs with dimensions of 39″ x 27″ x 29″.

7. Easy Access Starcart

With side cut-outs, the Easy Access Starcart features an ergonomic design that significantly reduces back strain. The treated plywood underlay base and thick polyethylene mould makes this cart ideal for handling various materials. It uses FDA-approved polyethylene, which is known not to splinter or warp.

The Easy Access Starcart comes with four casters, two of which are rigid and the other two are swivel. These wheels can be configured into a corner pattern to increase stability, or into a diamond caster pattern to improve its manoeuvrability.

8. Econocart

The Econocart is the most economical utility cart for moving light loads of waste. These industrial material handling carts are made from pure black plastic that comes from recycled polyethylene. The econocart carries a maximum load of 200lbs and has 10 inches of polyolefin back wheels with hard rubber casters. During transportation, these carts can be stacked within each other to reduce shipping and storage costs.

9. Bulk Laundry Truck

The bulk laundry truck features an easy access sidewall and a large load capacity. It can impressively hold a load of up to 1000 pounds. For durability, the cart is heavily ribbed with a rugged, moulded plastic base. It also has six inches of neoprene caster wheels, which ensure smooth and quiet cart movement.

10. Duracart

With a capacity of 12 cubic feet, the Duracart can carry a maximum load of 400lbs. This is one of the most versatile warehouse push carts in the market today. It features moulded handles, 3″ non-marking casters (2 stationary and 2 swivel), and a recessed plywood undercarriage. The Duracart is super durable and easy to manoeuvre throughout your facility.

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