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How Are Roll Pallets Used in Warehouses?

How Are Roll Pallets Used in Warehouses?

If your work involves industrial printing or packaging, you are often handling large rolls of materials like paper, film, tape, or other cylindrical-shaped products. Managing these materials is not always easy due to their size, shape, and weight. In a warehouse setting where storage space might be finite, you need an optimized system to store the rolls efficiently. This is where roll pallets will come in handy.

A roll pallet is a lightweight, sturdy piece of equipment that holds roll stock and cylindrical materials. This reliable workhorse protects the roll products from damages or breakages during storage and transportation. Roll pallets are frequently used by warehouses in their day-to-day operations. They are also commonly found in various stops along the supply chain, which include retail, logistics, and storage sectors.

Roll pallets feature different exciting designs and sizes depending on the environment in which they are used. The designs include nested roll pallets with hinges, allowing them to easily fold with other pallets to maximize valuable space. Another design includes roll pallets that can be bolted permanently to the base, increasing its robustness. Other designs are mountable, meaning that you can easily attach or detach them from corresponding accessories.

With so much versatility, roll pallets have many different applications in a warehouse setting. Here is more information about how roll pallets are commonly used inside warehouses:

1. Roll pallets are used to store and contain warehouse materials.

In certain industry sectors, such as printing, packaging, and manufacturing, you will come across materials with cylindrical shapes. These materials may be large rolls of paper, film, metal, fabric, coil, or carpet. Due to the atypical shape of the roll products, they cannot be placed in the same containers used to store other flat materials. These materials may also be fragile, so you risk compromising their integrity if they are not stored securely.

This unique storage problem can be easily solved with roll pallets. They have an ideal design specifically for storing cylindrical items of different sizes. They contain the goods in a secured capacity, preserving them in the same shape and with the original quality. You can easily store all roll products that come in and out of your warehouse on these pallets.

The sturdy roll pallets can even accommodate excessively large items and withstand very heavy weights. With the RP 3000 Roll Pallet, you can store rolls of up to 60″ diameter and maximum loads that go as high as 6000lbs. If you have large-scale storage demands, roll pallets become absolutely essential to your warehouse operations.

2. Roll pallets are used to protect materials from accidental damage.

Warehouses are busy environments, so many items are likely to move around and occasionally bump into nearby surfaces. No matter how careful you are, products often experience accidental damage when being ferried around a warehouse. This type of transit damage can be harmful for your unsecured roll products, which are potentially fragile.

Made with highly durable materials, roll pallets protect your goods in fast-paced warehouse environments. They secure the products in a sturdy container space with a design optimized for their cylindrical shapes. For example, the RP 2000 Roll Pallet is a rotationally moulded polyethylene pallet that do not feature any splinters, nails, or sharp edges. This minimizes accidental damages from transit, while maintaining the products in their best quality.

3. Roll pallets are used to ensure safe material handling.

There is a lot of manual handling in warehouses and other places where roll goods are stored. However, roll products are often delicate and bulky items that can be difficult to handle manually. Due to their fragile nature and heavy weight, the risks of damage to goods or injury to workers are both extremely high. Fortunately, roll pallets are designed for the purpose of ensuring safety in the material handling process.

If your business demands that you move products from one point to another, roll pallets are critical for handling the goods safely and securely. They can protect the products during storage, in transit, as well as any work in process. These pallets are ideally suited to holding roll stock coming off the laminating or printing machines. There is an easy two-way entry system to hold the 42-inch diameter rolls in the RP 2000 version or 60-inch rolls in the RP 3000 counterpart.

4. Roll pallets are used to optimize space in warehouses.

Roll products are frequently large and bulky in size. If not efficiently stored, these products have the potential to occupy a lot of unnecessary space in your warehouse. Fortunately, the use of roll pallets in a warehouse provides you with a singular container space to hold all the materials, allowing for easy access. By organizing your roll stock and other materials, the pallets can maximize the use of space inside warehouses.

Depending on the industry, you can determine the size, strength, and design of the roll pallet most appropriate for your needs. There are several types of roll pallets to choose from. Among these are the nestable, stackable, and cradle-style roll pallets, each with distinct characteristics. They come with efficient design features that can optimize space whether the roll pallets are in use or held in storage.

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