7 Useful Commercial and Industrial Laundry Cart Features

7 Useful Features with Commercial Laundry Carts and Trucks

7 Useful Features with Commercial Laundry Carts and Trucks

In many industries, the processing of clean laundry is not an easy task. Hotels, spas, and businesses in the hospitality sector cannot afford any downtime, as doing so could lead to a pile-up of dirty clothing. To make sure this does not happen, you need an efficient way of storing and transporting linen. This is where commercial and industrial laundry carts and trucks come in.

The laundry trucks are used to transport large volumes of laundry in many different industries. In the textile service industry alone, billions of pounds in laundry are processed every year. Without the proper equipment, managing such enormous amounts of laundry would be a herculean task. Fortunately, laundry trucks and carts provide an efficient mode of transportation to facilitate these materials.

Commercial laundry carts are designed with numerous qualities that improve the function, logistics, and efficiency of laundry transport. Here are eight useful features that you can find in a commercial or industrial laundry cart:

Feature #1: High volume

Laundry carts are commonly found in commercial establishments like hotels and spas, where the linen to be laundered could be quite voluminous. Fortunately, there are large commercial laundry bins that carry up to 1000 pounds of laundry in one single trip. This means fewer carts and trips are necessary for laundry transport, which improves the efficiency, along with significant cost-reduction implications.

Feature #2: Productivity

Commercial laundry carts improve the productivity in business operations by making laundry transport easier. To maximize the productivity of laundry carts, consider customizing their dimensions, materials, and expected maximum laundry weight. The carts can be made more compact to accommodate facilities with smaller spaces. Alternatively, you may opt for large commercial laundry bins for extra amounts of storage.

For additional productivity, you should consider the primary purpose of the commercial laundry bins. If they are used for collections or laundry storage bins, prioritize their ergonomic features. If the bins are used for delivery, find the ideal wheel configuration for the best efficiency.

Feature #3: Upgradability

For those who want an advanced level of customization, laundry trucks can be equipped with cool and niche technological upgrades. For example, you can add a built-in shelf conversion system that easily collapses or expands. This allows you to maximize the space and workflow in your laundry carts.

Another popular upgrade is the spring lift platform, which brings the laundry physically closer to the workers. This equipment reduces the manual labor involved to process the laundry materials, thus minimizing the risk of injuries.

Feature #4: Safety

The industrial or commercial laundry cart design can be enhanced to improve safety and security. For instance, it is common to add a lid into the carts. You may also want to adapt dome-top technology into your laundry carts.

Feature #5: Durability

A key feature of commercial laundry trucks is their durability. Produced with high-quality materials, these commercial laundry hampers are stable, robust, and made to withstand the occasional knocks or scratches. The equipment should be durable enough to serve companies for several years without issues. This can translate into huge savings and reduced downtime.

Feature #6: Minimal upkeep

Laundry trucks have minimal upkeep involved. Plastic manufactured laundry trucks and carts are extremely easy to clean. If your facility processes large volumes of laundry, this feature is especially useful. Since plastic does not rust, you can incorporate discreet drain holes into the carts. This means you can hose down several carts at once without worrying about drainage issues or standing water.

Feature #7: Environmentally friendly

Do you want a laundry truck or cart with a minimal negative impact on the environment? Go for commercial laundry bins that are polyethylene molded, which is 100% recyclable. If you are environmentally conscious, rotationally molded polyethylene carts are a perfect choice as they are eco-friendly and sustainable.

For more information, contact Waste Wise Products to learn about our wide range of laundry trucks, which are made with FDA approved polyethylene. As your linen is transported, you can rest easy knowing you’ve done your part to conserve the environment!

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