How Will COVID-19 Affect Your Food Waste Management?
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How Will COVID-19 Affect Your Food Waste Management?

How Will COVID-19 Affect Your Food Waste Management?

Businesses that have to deal with food waste are having a hard time with COVID-19. A lot of businesses lucky enough to open up again have to deal with food waste issues. Let's look at restaurants as an example and maybe you're a restaurant manager having to face new challenges after COVID-19. Some of these issues are dealing with all the food that went to waste and figuring out how to get rid of it. Other issues may be how to prepare for a potential second wave of lockdowns in the future. Let's see how you can manage these new challenges and how a good set of recycling and food waste bins may be the solution.

Massive food waste

As a restaurant professional, you know that most of the food you keep in stock can only last for a specific time before you have to replace it. Some states have been in lockdown way past that reasonable time and know you have to get rid of all that food. With this, it also comes with the choice of throwing your food waste in the trash or moving to a green approach with recycling and organics. A good restaurant recycling plan can cut back on waste by a significant amount, so if you haven't started, you should look into it sooner than later. 

Preparing for the next round

It's unclear if there will be a second outbreak or even another lockdown in the future. Like many that were cut off guard, then now is the time to prepare. You can start by taking inventory of the recycling bins that you have on hand. Maybe you need to upgrade to something bigger and better, replace old ones, or even add to what you have. Also, tracking your restaurant's food waste during each of the reopening phases will help you forecast any potential food wastage in the future.


COVID-19 has put a lot of businesses in some tough situations regarding food waste management. Restaurants are facing food management issues that are a lot bigger than they ever have. Now is the time to make sure that you and your restaurant are better prepared if the second round of lockdowns could occur.

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