How Start Moving Your Company Towards Sustainability
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How Start Moving Your Company Towards Sustainability

How Start Moving Your Company Towards Sustainability

What's Up With Sustainability?

It seems like everyone is into sustainability these days. According to Forbes, major corporations worldwide, from L'Oreal in France to Panasonic in Japan, are making commitments to recycling. Companies are beginning to accept that they have a responsibility to make the world a better place (see our posts on corporate social responsibility). There is evidence that setting a good example is profitable. 

How Can My Company Set A Good Example?

Companies that use what are called "science-based targets" have seen increases in growth. "Science-based targets" is a fancy way of saying things that reduce carbon footprint. Some easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint are to use recycling bins, compost, and go zero waste. These are things that companies can encourage their employees to do and integrate into their office culture. 

Where Do I Start?

Think about your company's culture and how it relates to going green. What image does your company present? How will coworkers and customers respond to sustainability initiatives? What style of recycling bin or composting bin will work best for you? 

Use recycling bins that match the tone and style of the office, airport, or school that you work at; these will seem less intrusive than bright blue or green plastic bins, and it will be more natural for employees and visitors to use them. 

Consider composting: it isn't as gross as you think! Composting requires more education than run-of-the-mill recycling, but it can be helpful depending on the environment. Also, think about encouraging your employees to go zero waste.

Try talking to your peers about how being more sustainable can increase growth for your company and set an excellent example for other companies to follow. There are so many benefits to going green!

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