Adapting Sanitizing Protocols to COVID-19
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Adapting Sanitizing Protocols to COVID-19

Adapting Sanitizing Protocols to COVID-19

Now more than ever before has it been necessary to keep a clean workplace. One of the simplest ways to do this is by using sanitary wipes and proper waste management. Sanitary wipes can be used on just about any surface and kill most bacteria and germs, viruses included. We will be covering the best ways to utilize sanitary wipes, protective gear, and effectively disposing of them.

Keeping Workstation Sanitary

An essential part of ensuring a sanitary business is keeping healthy staff and encouraging your employees by installing convenient wall-mounted wipe dispensers. Placement of trash cans should be just as abundant to support proper waste disposal. The best way to utilize the wipes is by using them on high touch areas; phones, desks, chairs, rails, and even light switches. The idea is to keep places people touch a lot daily.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment

The use of Personal Protective Equipment is now becoming commonplace in many businesses. Most PPE gear will be disposed of to reduce the risk of contamination. Purchasing the right PPE disposal bins can help minimize PPE contamination in your recyclables and organics. These bins should feature important labeling to encourage proper disposal and will help your facility staff see which waste receptacles need extra care.

Customer Cleanliness

Owners of retail have to take note of the number of contaminants present in their business. One of the biggest germ magnets is carts, which encourage customers to use wipes on their carts before using them. A sign or even an employee offering wipes in checkouts to wipe machinery they may need to touch can help. In these areas, it's best to have a sanitary wipe stand with a trash can as they have a smaller footprint and provide a collection point for used wipes.

Use of Wipes in Schools

Universities and colleges will struggle to keep the high traffic areas of sanitary. The best way to encourage wipe usage is by setting up multiple sanitary wipe stands, and wall-mounted wipe stands with signs or labeling. It would help if you encouraged students and staff to use wipes on surfaces many people have touched before them. These surfaces can include; keyboards, desks, water fountains, and even sinks. Again, ensure that there is easy access to a trash can to ensure proper disposal.

In Conclusion

The use of sanitary wipes and proper waste management is the key to clean business. CDC offers a wonderful article for businesses reopening on sanitation procedures. No matter how you look at it, never skimp out on what matters most. Health and safety. Stay safe and have a wonderful day!

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