Sustainable Recycling Bins for Workplace Sustainability

The Best Recycling Bins for Workplace Sustainability

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What is Sustainability

Sustainability has become the hip word in town for 2020, and it is here to stay. The public is demanding action to implement workplace sustainability strategies and protect the planet from single-use plastic, and packaging companies all over the world are answering the call.

Major brands, including Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, are implementing sustainability to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Coca-cola leads in the industry with bottles using 25% recycled plastic and a commitment to reach 50% by 2030.

Sustainability, or circular economy waste management, includes the customer returning items to recycling bins instead of the unfathomable action of leaving it on a sidewalk or beach.

Why is Sustainability Important

Many plastics can be used again through mechanical or chemical recycling. By reusing products, less virgin petroleum materials are required to make the same water bottle. Together we can slow the use of our natural resources.

The world needs your help. Increasing recycling starts with the consumer returning their recyclable container to a collection stream.
These odds are greatly increased when there are sustainable recycling bins next to trash cans. The decision to recycle becomes a no-brainer. The user does not have to hunt or go out of their way to recycle. They simply place the bottle in the recycling bin instead of the trash. Everyone wins.

How to Implement a Workplace Sustainability Strategy

What is sustainability in your business or workplace and how easily can you implement a strategy? Let’s look at where people gather and what type of materials need to be placed in recycling bins.

Where do people gather for breaks and lunch?

  • Do you have a canteen or a breakroom?
  • Do employees eat in their offices?
  • Are there any outside picnic areas?

What types of materials need to be recycled?

  • Food trays, bags, wraps, drink bottles or cans
  • Printer paper, newspaper

After completing a site audit and considering where and how many recycle bins are needed, visit Waste Wise Products LLC to choose your style.

Educate yourself and co-workers about sustainability and the many materials that can be recycled.
Fuel our new sustainable world by placing a sustainable recycling bin beside every trash can and office printer.

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