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Nothing New Shoes Proves You Can Turn Trash Into Treasure

Nothing New Shoes Proves You Can Turn Trash Into Treasure

A common strategy to clean up the huge amount of waste plastic we currently have littered the world is to turn it into something useful. However, while many products use some post-consumer recycled plastic to be a little greener, it’s still relatively rare for a product to be made entirely out of sustainable, recycled materials.

That is what makes the Nothing New shoes so unique.

What Are Nothing New Shoes?

For those who caught the clever twist in the name, Nothing New shoes are shoes with a classic look that are made using sustainable, post-consumer recycled material. How much post-consumer recycled content? Well, quite a lot, especially when compared to other brands that are offering green products.

Between the “canvas” and the laces on the shoes, every pair of Nothing New shoes uses the equivalent of five and a half plastic bottles. That’s a positive step in the right direction, but in addition to using post-consumer recycled plastic, these shoes also save 160 gallons of water when compared to traditional canvas sneakers. The stitching on the shoes also removes the need for heavy glue, which is itself a product that can have negative repercussions on the environment. The rubber is recycled, as well, and augmented with natural rubber to create a flexible, long-lived mixture.

The result is that Nothing New does everything old but in a new and unique way. Each pair of shoes turns trash into treasure, by providing a unique style, a variety of colors, and reliable footwear that is going to last for years once. While it’s not going to solve the problem of plastic pollution all on its own, we could easily keep the great Pacific garbage patch in our closets. 

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