The Benefits of Outdoor Picnic Tables For Employee Lunches
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The Benefits of Outdoor Picnic Tables For Employee Lunches

The Benefits of Outdoor Picnic Tables For Employee Lunches

When thinking about purchasing fixtures for your company, outdoor picnic tables usually aren't the first items that come to mind. Yet, more and more companies are utilizing these simple, easy-to-care-for, well-loved backyard standards to tempt their employees outside during break and meal times. Not to mention, picnic tables are sturdy, low cost, and low maintenance—all of which saves on cleaning expenses and janitorial work.

The Air Out There

Now as adults, whether we are at home or work, we all know time spent outside clears the head of mental cobwebs, improves circulation, and stimulates us with some much needed fresh O2 after a workday spent in stale, heavily conditioned air. Occupational therapists and doctors agree; spending time outdoors during the work day improves productivity. Employees won’t be the only ones cheered from the addition of some sturdy outdoor seating. Vendors, visitors, and clients will be sure to use the picnic table as a quick getaway when attending meetings at your place of business. The overall effect is a morale booster for everyone.

Break From the Norm

Outdoor picnic tables are a refreshing alternative to stuffy, conventional break rooms. And, employees on a deadline are too easily tempted to reach for coffee, sugary snacks and colas in breakroom vending areas to keep themselves alert. This results in early afternoon energy crashes. Having a break under the sun and in the fresh air is far healthier. Also, construction sites without conventional office buildings can benefit tremendously when a cramped construction trailer doesn’t provide enough room for employee breaks. Simply place the picnic table near the construction trailer.  Or scatter several throughout the worksite.

Getting It Together

Employees and management are more apt to adopt friendly relations when they relax together out-of-doors during break and meal times, reducing the potential for workplace tension and dramas when they go back inside to the daily grind. Heightened social attitudes are a great workplace morale booster. Encourage employees to leave work-related issues inside. Also, barbecue grilling has become a sort of underground worktime phenomenon for white and blue collar offices alike in recent years. More and more companies and their employees have replaced some lunchtimes, or marked special occasions, with a barbecue, going as far as keeping a grill on site all the time.  A picnic table situated near the company grilling area is ideal for this purpose.

Go Ahead, Put It on the Table

Outdoor picnic tables pose no special cleaning needs or maintenance.  A quick spray with a hose, or wipe down with a wet cloth is enough to keep them in shape.  They can easily be stored indoors during colder seasons but durable enough to leave outside all year round. Outdoor picnic tables are economical to begin with and last longer than ordinary lawn furniture. Employees are more apt to retreat outdoors during their breaks if you have a picnic table situated outside for them to enjoy. In turn, this reduces stress, improves productivity (not to mention moods) and is an affordable morale booster.

Anyway you look at it, there’s every reason to invest in a sturdy, functional picnic table for your employees to take a break from the grind and get a breath of fresh air.

For more information about outdoor picnic tables visit Waste Wise Products or contact us toll free at 1-877-680-8361.

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  1. Alex Dean says:

    It’s good to know that when it comes to picnic tables being outside work places, that there are a lot of benefits to doing it. I like how you said that it will help develop friendly relations between employees and management. Which to me means that it will create a happy place to visit for us the consumers.

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