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Making the Cafeteria and Office a Little Greener

Making the Cafeteria and Office a Little Greener

The employee lunchroom or cafeteria is one of the least green areas in the whole office, with some small adjustments you can make the cafeteria and whole office greener.

Don’t provide Disposable Items

As a company, make the choice not to stock your break rooms or cafeteria with things like paper plates, plastic utensils, disposable napkins. This will force everyone to bring Tupperware or utensils from home. This will reduce waste by eliminating the option.

Company Mugs and Cups

Some companies give employees coffee mugs and tumbler cups for promotional purposes, but they are also a great way to reduce waste in your office. It eliminates the need for disposable cups for hot and cold drinks while still being company related. Going a step further that can add a personal touch is having the employee’s name put on the cups.

A Sink in the Cafeteria

Having a place where employees can rinse out or clean reusable items they will be more willing to bring them instead of disposable ones. People are going to be more comfortable washing their reusable items in a kitchen than in a bathroom or at a drinking fountain.

A Recycling Bin for every Trash Can

Having a recycle bin right next to every trash can eliminate excuses about it being more effort to recycle than to throw something away. With this, you can eliminate trash cans at the desk which is where most workers throw away everything, paper, plastic or trash. Take those away and then it is the same amount of effort for everything. Or added a small recycle bin to pare with the trash cans employees have.

Making these simple changes or is some cases just encouraging employees to use things that are already available to them, can help make an office greener while also reducing costs for the office. A greener office isn’t only better for the environment but can save companies money.

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