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How To Reduce Food Waste In Your Office

Food waste is a growing problem in the United States. 50% of all produced food in this country is thrown away and makeup 19% of landfills. Growing up, we were all probably scolded by our parents for not finishing our meals. While millions live in poverty both here and abroad, the thought of food going to waste is disheartening. Is food waste an issue in your office? Even if it is not a prioritized concern, you should still consider adopting some of these procedures:


This may not be feasible for every office but can be adopted in offices in the right location. Composting is the go-to method for food waste reduction. It will also help you save money since it will reduce your trash output.

Animal Feed

This is another option where location plays a factor. You should consider donating your leftover food to local ranches and animal shelters.


As long as your excess food is still safe to eat, you should consider donating it to a soup kitchen or food pantry. This will cut down on your food waste, and you will be giving back to the community.

Cut down on parties

Companies are always looking for ways to make work fun. They don’t want their employees to view their job as something that pays the bills and nothing more. Many companies will throw large parties to celebrate certain events. This could lead to a lot of excess waste. While trying to make work fun is great, be smart about it. A large-scale extravaganza is unnecessary for every company accomplishment.

By using some of these helpful tips, your company will save money, give back to the community, and even help the environment.

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