3 Reasons Employees Resist Sustainability Initiatives

3 Reasons Employees Resist Sustainability Initiatives

Employee sustainability initiatives work best with willing and enthusiastic participants. As you take steps to lessen your business’s ecological impact, you’re likely to have some employees less-than-eager to cooperate with your new plans. Here are some common reasons they may not be “on board” right away and how you can increase their excitement.

They aren’t prepared

By replacing just a few workplace items, you can help your employees and sustainability efforts. They can have everything they need to participate in your environmentally conscious workplace actively. You can cut back majorly on waste and generate enthusiasm by gifting reusable bags, coffee cups, or water bottles to your staff. It will be a one-time investment, and you’ll reap the benefits when you’re no longer buying disposable versions for the company kitchen. The easier it is for your employees to “be green,” the more they will do it.

They don’t like change

If you’re responsible for reducing waste in your workplace, you’re likely to encounter resistance from some employees simply because things have changed. So they don’t feel blindsided, take measures to explain precisely when and how things will be different. For example, make sure your employees feel comfortable operating a new energy-efficient laser printer before they’re expected to use it on their own. As time passes and the benefits of new practices start to become more apparent, even the most change-resistant employees will come around.

They are misinformed

Eco-conscious business practices are certainly on the rise, but they’re also relatively new. If you make sure to fully inform your employees on why you’re updating aspects of your purchasing or waste management, they may care more about sustainability and be more willing to help and make changes. Clear up any misconceptions they may have about recycled products being less effective – a bench from recycled plastic is just as strong as one made from non-recycled plastic. Eliminate any confusion about how to recycle with clearly-organized recycling areas and bins.

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