How to Reduce Coffee Waste in the Office
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How to Reduce Coffee Waste in the Office

How to Reduce Coffee Waste in the Office
You don't have to pollute to enjoy your cup of joe in the morning. It only takes a few steps to be greener while savoring your favorite brew.

The modern office runs on coffee. As essential as a cup of coffee (or five) is to start the day, coffee can produce a lot of food waste over the long run. Fortunately, there are ways to lighten your office's load on the planet while still enjoying great coffee.

Don't Use Coffee Pods

Coffee pod machines have become popular because they allow people to make individual cups of coffee without a carafe sitting on a hot plate going stale. While these machines are convenient, a lot of waste ends up in landfills, mainly from the plastic that pods contain. 

The obvious way to avoid waste from single-cup machines is not to use them. Regular drip brewers are much cheaper, both for the machines and the coffee. You can also compost wet paper filters and grounds.

Use Reusable Filters

Even though drip brewers create less waste than pod machines, you can make them even more environmentally friendly by using reusable mesh filters instead of disposable paper filters. You can also get reusable filters for pod machines from manufacturers and third parties.

The disadvantage of these filters is a matter of taste. They let through sediment and oils that some coffee drinkers find unpleasant. Studies suggest coffee from permanent filters can even raise cholesterol levels. Permanent filters can also be tedious to clean.

Compost Paper Filters and Grounds

Begin by looking into your local recycling regulations. If pods are accepted, place a recycling bin next to your coffee area. Also, you can compost coffee grounds and paper filters, either in a garden or as part of a formal recycling program.

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