Green Team Building For A Healthier Work Force

The past decade has witnessed the explosive growth of Team Building in most corporate environments across the nation. Not only does it help form one like-minded and cohesive team of workers, but it also serves to allow the crossing of departmental lines, enabling everyone to work together as a whole.

Sharing an afternoon of fun-filled activities is a wonderful thing, but how much more rewarding if companies would sponsor Green Team Building activities that serve not only to bond employees into a solid workforce but also clean up the environment?

We’re all well aware that our parks, streams, and waterways littered with trash are not only an eyesore for nature lovers but pose a real danger to wildlife that ingests it or becomes entangled. Most litter is recyclable material, such as soft drink bottles and cans, plastic coolers, and disposable food containers. On-site recycling bins help to ease the volume of waste strewn into the environment, while recycled materials could provide revenue for the venue as well as assist in funding programs to teach environmental awareness.

A recycling bin near picnic areas in our public parks would be an invaluable aid to parents who teach by example. Green Team Building at the same local park could mobilize an entire workforce to serve as examples of environmental stewardship, as well as foster life-long business and personal relationships, bound by a common goal.

A day spent investing the “sweat equity” of your workforce in the great outdoors will pay back dividends in corporate morale. Filling those recycling bins will provide your team with a sense of pride and best of all, your Mother (Nature) will approve!