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5 Ways To Encourage Your Employees To Recycle

5 Ways To Encourage Your Employees To Recycle

If you’re a business owner or manager, you may feel somewhat responsible for how your employees behave, especially at work. Encouraging them to recycle can be a great way to show the community that your business cares. Below are five easy steps you can take to help your employees to recycle.

Set A Good Example

Let your employees see the managers recycling often. Otherwise, you get stuck in a, do as I say and not what I do, dynamic, and that will only cause resentment. If you’re going to encourage your employees to recycle, you have to be willing to do it yourself. Also, the upper staff’s endorsement will send a positive message.

Reuse Old Office Supplies

Introduce an Upcycle station, where employees can bring office equipment, such as office decorations, organization boxes, and staplers, that they are no longer using to share with another employee who could get some use out of it. Instead of buying new supplies, encourage employees to check the Upcycle station before purchase. These stations will be useful on your bottom line as well.

Place Plenty Of Recycling Bins Around The Office

If you make it convenient, you’re more likely to have success. Make tossing your used paper into the recycling bin just as easy as throwing it in the garbage. A lot of your employees probably would like to recycle, but forget when the time comes. If you have easily visible recycle bins, placed in convenient locations, they will get filled.

Use Competition

Make a game out of recycling, and it becomes fun for everyone. You can divide the office into teams or make everyone out for themselves. Keep track of results by comparing levels of items in your office recycling bins against your garbage or landfill bins. Or, you could encourage employees to be aware of sorting recycling accurately using triple stream recycling bins. Award points for items placed correctly in the plastic, cardboard, and organics in each receptacle.


Sometimes people don’t realize how vital recycling can be. Education can be as simple as an email reminder or posters around the office. Include some statistics to encourage recycling and helpful tips on how they can contribute to the office’s efforts.

Now that you have some easy steps to take, get to work and encourage your employees to recycle more. You’ll be doing the earth a big favor. If you’d like more information about recycling and healthy earth practices, visit us at Waste Wise Products.

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