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4 Sustainable Goals To Make At The Office

4 Sustainable Goals To Make At The Office

Creating more sustainable goals in the office can be a challenge because there are so many different directions one can go in. But as with all initiatives, it’s best to start with smaller goals or one focus area at a time. Here are 4 different goals to improve sustainability at the office all year round that are relatively easy to tackle together, or to start in stages.

1. Shop used, or focus on repairs

It is tempting to buy newer models of office equipment or even office furniture, but energy and resources can be saved when you buy old, used, or make repairs (and help your bottom dollar). This is especially true for electronics because they are known for their devastating impact on the environment. It’s important to maintain and properly care for your devices, so they last longer, or dispose of them properly so they get refurbished, reused, or remade ethically.

2. Build working relationships with local green initiatives and organizations

Working with other organizations that are devoted to a greener environment not only puts things in perspective, but can also give you new knowledge and goals to implement in the office. Working with green organizations should be a part of your CSR strategy, not only because it helps you engage and learn about your community, but it also teaches everyone in the company how to become greener and the extent of their actions.

3. Revamp the office cafeteria

The office cafeteria is a great place to challenge your company with various green options. From buying local and organic to planting vegetables or herbs on your campus, or even going meatless one day of the week, your cafeteria will get more value from their budget. You can also reduce food waste by composting on-site, or developing a food donation plan to make sure that food can get to hungry communities, instead of rotting in the trash.

4. Tackle waste streams

Conduct an audit of your waste streams to understand where you can make changes. Even simple changes such as switching to hand dryers and removing paper towels in bathrooms can dramatically improve the waste stream in bathrooms. The same goes for office recycling: you can encourage less plastic by removing soda machines, or reduce paper waste by going digital or setting double-sided printing on all printers.

Overall, by challenging your business with different sustainable goals, you can make a difference in how you use energy, resources, and your budget.

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