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This recycling innovation automatically cleans ocean waste

The Seabin - automatically cleans ocean waste

There are many recycling innovations out there that want to address plastic waste in the ocean, from Boyan Salt’s Ocean Cleanup project to the numerous clothing lines repurposing ocean plastic and fishing nets. But what about a simple innovation that easily implements and is automatic?

You’ll be happy to see Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski’s new recycling invention, the Seabin. Acting essentially as a skimmer box in your pool filter, the Seabin automatically sucks up waste from the ocean and pumps out clean, filtered water back. The Seabin easily attaches to a dock in a marina, port, or yacht club; the relatively controlled environment makes it easy to collect materials, without worrying about the strength of the waves or current. Materials easily float towards the Seabin, which immediately sucks it into a tank, where there’s no risk of the materials becoming released again. Also, the Seabin cleans up the water, removing oil, fuel, and detergent. What’s also great about the bin is its location: people can easily watch what the Seabin collects, and see that the bin really does clean up.

With the easily detachable mesh bag, it’s easy to clean out the Seabin, making more room for other materials. And, the bin is safe for marine animals like fish.

The creators’ next step is to take plastics removed from the ocean by the Seabin and create new ones, closing the cycle. Hopefully, we’ll find its application in rivers and lakes as well. Overall, the bin is a great innovation that can transform local environments. Even though it can’t remove all the plastic in the ocean, it’s a great start for an entirely automated cleaner that works 24/7.

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