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3 Tips On How To Improve Recycling At The Office

3 Tips On How To Improve Recycling At The Office

Are you trying to implement eco-friendly practices at the office? If so, you may want to look into recycling options, to ensure that your system maximizes the potential for recycling. While it may take time and effort to determine what and how to recycle at the office, at the end of the day, every effort counts!

Here are 3 tips to improve your office’s recycling:

1) Paper

This is one area where making small changes can really add up. Every ton of paper that is recycled translates into 17 full grown trees saved. Before tossing paper into the recycling bin, use scraps that have only been printed on one side to make memo pads. Just be sure you’re not using anything confidential!

Another way to recycle is to reuse manila envelopes and file folders. Use stickers to avoid having to scratch out handwriting. Choose paper products made from recycled paper. Last but not least, instead of using packing peanuts, pack items for shipping in used, shredded paper.

2) Supplies

Recycle ink products, such as the cartridges your printer uses. Batteries and light bulbs can also be recycled. Consider buying used furniture, décor items, and desk lamps, rather than new ones. You might find some very attractive, and appropriate, paintings for the office at a thrift store, or even a yard sale. Of course, these things do require thorough cleaning, but they can look good as new in no time!

3) Recycling Systems

Set up recycling bins near every larger trash cans, and in areas where trash cans fill up fast, such as near printers. Urge employees to use these, rather than small wastebaskets. Sure, it means everyone has to get up more often, but this can be physically beneficial! Also, consider appointing a designated recycling coordinator to implement and standardize your full recycling strategy that includes cardboard, glass, steel, plastic, and paper products.

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2 Responses to 3 Tips On How To Improve Recycling At The Office

  1. Avatar Jana Black says:

    I would love to improve the recycling in my office. I want my employees to be more responsible about it too. Those ideas are some very good example on how to start! Best regards

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