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7 Things You Didn’t Know Were Recyclable Materials

7 Thing You Didn't Know Were Recyclable

Most people already know about recycling things like newspapers, plastic milk containers, and various types of glass items. What they may not realize is that there is a world of other things that also be turned in to a recycling center and help reduce the amount of products that end up in a landfill. Along with home recycling, employers can also set up recycling programs that make it possible to collect and donate these kinds of recyclable materials to local centers. Here are a few examples of items that are a little out of the box, but can certainly be recycled.

Sandwich Bags

People throw away sandwich bags every day. If you happen to brown bag it to work, chances are that you’ve thrown away quite a few of these bags over the last year. The fact is that these bags, along with empty bread bags, freezer bags, and similar plastic items are all excellent recyclable materials. However, they cannot go in a traditional blue bin. Instead, recycle them at a local grocery store in the same bin you put used shopping bags.

Wine Corks

While it is true that many people collect decorative corks and may even use them in creating all sorts of home crafts, the fact is that many still end up in landfills. Rather than leaving them to deteriorate over the years, why not turn them in to a company that can put those materials to good use? All sorts of new products can be made from the cork, and reduce the need to harvest fresh materials.


Just about any type of footwear that is composed mainly of petroleum byproducts can be recycled in some manner.  There are manufacturers who will take those old worn shoes and break down the recyclable materials for use in the production of brand new shoes.  Some will even use the materials to make basic footwear that is donated to those who are less fortunate.

Packing Peanuts

This kind of packing material is not biodegradable, so finding a way to reuse makes a lot of sense. Peanuts can be reused when preparing shipments of goods to customers, or they can be donated to a local center for redistribution to others who can use them. The peanuts don’t lose their shape or their ability to cushion goods placed in packing containers, so why not use them instead of buying more?

Old Eyeglasses

Employers who want to encourage recycling can set up a collection point for old sets of prescription eyeglasses. When employees by new pairs or need to upgrade to a different prescription, they can donate the old ones. Those frames and lenses can certainly be used to help people who need corrective eyewear, but cannot afford them.  

Pantyhose and Stockings

Most people assume that when pantyhose or stockings get a run, that is the end of their useful life. What many people don’t realize is that there are manufacturers who will gladly accept those tattered stockings and use the materials to create everything from area rugs to various types of roping.  


Parents know only too well that crayons can be worn into nubs, or broken into quite a few pieces. What many do not realize is that those crayons are definitely recyclable materials. Rather than tossing them into the trash, collect and donate them to a local center. Those pieces can be melted down and used for the creation of new products.

Many local recycling centers provide information about recyclable materials that people tend to overlook. Call a center and obtain a list of items that are accepted and then forwarded to national recycling programs. Doing so will be good for the environment, the economy, and for everyone in the long run. For more helpful tips and tricks, visit the Waste Wise Products Inc. blog today!

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