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Use Additional Recycling Containers To Encourage Greater Recycling Participation Among Employees

Are you becoming discouraged by all of the recyclable materials that are being thrown in the trash every day by your employees? The answer to this problem may be simpler than you realize: Add more recycling containers to your workplace!

More bins for recycling can A) remind employees that your workplace has a recycling program and B) make it easier for employees to participate, depending on where the recycling containers are placed. While you’re at it, consider expanding your program beyond paper and soda cans. There are a surprising number of things that can be recycled in the workplace.

Paper Products and More

Rarely do you find an office that doesn’t at the very least recycle paper. Recycling containers for paper can be found all over the workplace, including right under employees’ desks or next to the copier (who hasn’t made a printing mistake?).

Don’t limit your waste reduction efforts to paper, though. Here are some common materials that offices can recycle:

• Aluminum. Soda cans are all too-often thrown in the trash under the desk or in the kitchen area. If you have heavy soda drinkers in your workplace, consider adding bins for recycling these cans. Small recycling containers can be placed under the desk right next to the paper bin.
• Glass. Glass is highly recyclable. It can be used over and over again, which is why it’s such a shame to toss glass bottles or jars into the trash.
• Paper and Cardboard. Don’t limit yourself to copy paper. You can recycle cardboard packaging containers, envelopes and magazines too.
• Plastic. Do you provide bottled water to guests or employees? Then you need to have a plastics recycling bin to dispose of those bottles responsibly. Plastic water bottles are one the biggest sources of recyclable waste today. Don’t add yours to the landfill when they can be recycled into other products.
• Steel. Check the lunch area to see if your office is generating steel trash. Steel is most often used in soup and food cans. Consider adding bins for recycling steel or metals to divert these products from the waste stream.

Waste Wise Recycling Containers Make It Easier to Recycle in the Workplace

Gone are the days of the giant recycling bin on wheels. Today, bins for recycling are unobtrusive and come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They can easily be placed in hallways, kitchen areas, meeting rooms, and private offices or within cubicles. Waste Wise offers bins for recycling in different colors to easily differentiate which bin is for which material or choose bins in one single color to blend in to your office décor. Don’t forget the outdoors, either! If you have an outdoor eating area, make sure to have enough trash and recycling containers nearby to prevent litter and keep the exterior looking tidy.

Take Your Green Commitment to the Next Level

Do you promote your green activities to your clients, such as any energy-saving or recycled product purchases you make? If so, take it to the next level and expand your office recycling program. Visible recycling containers in your office will demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and you can generate great PR by broadening your recycling efforts too. Share your office efforts with your customers via newsletters or social media. Add in some tidbits about the impact recycling can have on our waste stream and you’ll earn further respect from your customers who will notice that you’ve put your money where your mouth is when it comes to your commitment to sustainability.

Recycling is one of those things that only works when there is constant participation. Don’t let that happen! Without new materials to constantly recycle, recycled products can’t be made and the cycle ends. 

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