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Single Stream Recycling Saves Businesses Big Bucks

Single Stream Recycling Saves Businesses Big Bucks

There isn't an industry in the world that isn't being negatively impacted by the current economic difficulties. Revenues are down, costs are up, and everyone is trying to find ways to save.

How To Earn LEED Points For Your Building

How To Earn LEED Points For Your Building

Going green not only can improve your profits, but it can also improve your public image. Unfortunately every business claims to be environmentally responsible and smart consumers want proof of an organization's true nature.

Use Additional Recycling Containers To Encourage Greater Recycling Participation Among Employees

Are you becoming discouraged by all of the recyclable materials that are being thrown in the trash every day by your employees? The answer to this problem may be simpler than you realize: Add more recycling containers to your workplace! More bins for recycling can A) remind employees that your workplace has a recycling program and B) make it easier for employees to participate, depending on where the recycling containers are placed.

Three Tips To Get You Started On Recycling Today

Recycling has a huge impact on our lives and our communities, but many people are hesitant to start because they feel as if it may be a daunting task. With all the news about global warming and climate change, many people feel like they can't make a difference.

A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Modern Day Green Office

The green revolution is in full swing in offices and businesses across the country. Many of today's office buildings are going green with recycling programs, paper reduction measures, and other green initiatives.

Tips For Hiding Your Recycling Bins Around The House

Keeping your recycling bins close at hand in the home is one of the easiest ways to remember to recycle, especially when it comes to sorting your recyclables. However, many people don't want to have recycling containers out in the open or in the way.

Waste Wise Answers Computer And Household Electronics Recycling Questions

There are a number of items that don't fall into typical recycling categories. Computers, stereo equipment, and other household electronics fall into this category and require some extra consideration.

Tips For Increasing Participation In Recycling Programs

The more convenient and easy to understand recycling containers are, the more likely they are to be filled with marketable recyclables than random trash. Selecting recycling containers that are attractive, durable and clearly labeled can significantly increase the likelihood of their being used properly and regularly.

Tips For Encouraging Participation In An Office Recycling Program

A recent national survey revealed that nearly 9 out of 10 people would recycle more if it were easier. It is no wonder that an estimated 60% of the garbage that we are still throwing away could be recycled instead.

How Businesses Can Stop Throwing Away Profits

Bottom lines are getting harder and harder to meet in the current economic climate. Regular clients back out of their traditional patterns, new clients are nowhere to found and expenses keep increasing.