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Consumers, Corporate Social Responsibility And The Key To Sustainability

Consumers vs. Business and the balance of sustainabilty

There has been a lot of controversy over the effects pollution has on the environment. Much of the argument is concerning the time frame in which the effects will occur and how drastic these effects will be. Many people feel that much of these theories of doom for the planet are nothing more than scare tactics to push a hidden agenda. They are also concerned that a lot of the burden of action is falling to the average person and not the corporations that produce much of the pollution.

Most people today understand and agree that pollution is causing a serious and negative effect on the environment. Many are more than willing to take steps to improve the situation. However, when resources and options are limited, it is difficult to expect the average person to completely change their way of life over night.

The average person is willing and eager to make changes in their life to help reduce pollution and better the environment. However, the average person’s income can make it difficult to choose environmentally friendly options. A person may realize that some products have an adverse effect on the environment and may even wish to stop using such products. However, more environmentally friendly options can be limited or more costly.

More businesses and corporations have a greater ability to make many changes for the average person. Not only do corporations have the ability, they have a corporate social responsibility to providing better options to consumers. By providing more environmentally friendly products and packaging, the average person will not have to diminish their standards of living to help the environment. A dedicated effort to providing more cost-effective products can push consumers to be more willing to make changes to benefit the environment. This can help to make a large-scale, positive impact on the environment. It can also help to increase customer appreciation for the businesses and corporations willing to make such efforts.

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