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Should You Choose Future-Ready Recycling Containers for Your Office?

Should You Choose Future-Ready Recycling Containers for Your Office?

Recycling containers come in all shapes and sizes, and we here at Waste Wise Products make some of the best recycle containers and bins on the market. As well, we feel we’re ahead of the herd in what recycling might look like in professional offices of the future. You might want to take a look at our future-ready recycling containers to get a glimpse into a time when trash cans might not even be necessary in your office.

The Multi-Stream Recycling Process

We’ve designed our future-ready containers to be built as a multi-stream process where you can recycle multiple things at once. Imagine having a container in your office where you can toss in paper, batteries, plastic, glass and compost in one unit. With our multi-stream containers, you can already do that as a comprehensive way to recycle without having to separate it all.

How does the multi-stream process work? We design our containers large enough so they hold separate compartments. On top of the container, you’ll have round slots that are big enough to fit each item inside. These compartments can easily be emptied when it’s time to take them outside for your refuse center to pick up.

But what about space issues? In truth, you’re saving space because you have everything that needs to be thrown away in one location rather than trash cans spread around your premises.

Recycling Containers Made of Recycled Material

You’ve probably always wondered whether recycle containers are made of recycled materials. You can be assured that our containers are made with 98% recycled content and molded from low density polyethylene. Once you’re done using the containers, you can return them where they’re again recycled to keep the pattern going.

How Many Recycling Streams Do You Need?

Our future-ready containers have multiple streams in them. However, how many you need will depend on what your recycling needs are in your workplace. Our largest container in our TIM line goes up to eight streams that can also be configured to less if you so choose. While these are made for those who use more comprehensive materials, you may prefer our smaller streamed models designed for the smaller business in both our TPM and TRH lines.

No matter what you choose, we’re here for you in providing recycling containers that we hope will soon be standard in the workplace. As recycling becomes commonplace for most citizens, making it more convenient for the populace gives more incentive toward recycling becoming a neverending process.

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