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Does Using Recycling Bins Help?

In recent years, recycling programs have increased in both their efficiency and in the extent to which people actually participate in them. However, there are still people throughout who do not put effort into recycling, because they do not believe that recycling makes a difference. The goal of this article will be to look at the most common doubts people have about recycling and then prove that using recycling bins on a regular basis is important in helping the environment.

We Are Not Running Out of Landfill Space

Landfill / Recycling Bins

One of the main reasons that people do not actively recycle is because there is plenty of landfill space for garbage. In the beginning, recycling was being pushed because people believed that there would eventually not be enough landfill space for everyone’s waste products. However, studies have shown that we will not run out of landfill space in the near future. This does not mean though that we should not be conscientious of what we put in our landfills. We still need to work now to ensure that in years to come we do not run out of landfill space. Also, the materials that are going into landfills can often be repurposed saving valuable resources.

Recycling Uses More Energy and Resources Than it Saves

Recycling Bins & Energy ConsumptionThis is another common belief that leads people to not recycle. While it is true that recycling uses energy necessary to sanitize and repurpose materials, it still saves energy. By not having to completely create these materials and products from scratch, energy and resources are being saved. In fact, saving resources should be people’s main incentive to want to recycle. There are only a limited number of oil and metal reserves on this planet, and once we have used those materials we will not have the resources necessary to power our daily lives. It is important that we work now to limit the number of resources that we use, and it is important that we reuse materials when we can.

Even though the efficiency of recycling programs has greatly improved in recent years, there is still much more that people can do to try and help save resources. If everyone does their part and recycles on a regular basis, we can help to ensure that there are enough resources to go around in the years to come.


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