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The 5 Rs of Zero Waste

Zero Waste: Reduce your carbon footprint

It’s a tall order, going zero-waste, but it’s far from impossible. After all, for most of human history, getting as many uses out of our belongings was a very important part of having enough.

So if you’re planning on reducing your carbon footprint, try to eliminate waste from your home. The first step to take is following the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. But there are a few more Rs you can use as well to cut down even further on your waste.

Reduce: By reducing the amount of things you bring into your home, you’re also reducing what goes out. Less excess means less packaging, less clutter, and fewer things to clear out during spring cleaning.

Reuse: Reuse what you do have instead of buying more. Switch to reusable materials where you can – reusable shopping bags, dishrags, or hand towels create infinitely less waste than their disposable counterparts. Repurpose things you no longer use, as well.

Recycle: Recycle anything left over. You’d be surprised at just how much waste that leaves a home is recyclable. Check and double check to make sure packaging, paper, or containers can be recycled before throwing them in the trash. Even things like electronics or motor oil can be given another life if disposed of properly.

Rot: Nearly anything that isn’t recyclable will be compostable – especially if you’re buying organic products. Investing in a composting bin and small kitchen garden can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. Kitchen scraps are repurposed into high-quality fertilizer and don’t take up precious landfill space.

Resell: You may not be using it anymore, but much of what you would usually throw out, you can instead resell. Especially with the prominence of internet marketplaces these days, you can very easily clear out your closet and send your unwanted clothes to a new home – all while making a tidy little profit.

Whether it’s at home or at work, we all need to chip in to reduce how much waste we produce. Monitor your waste at home and the office; take a step towards preserving the environment & reduce your carbon footprint.

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