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13 Secrets For A Successful Zero-Waste Event

 13 Secrets For A Successful Zero-Waste Event

A study from 2006 showed that a typical event generates four pounds of trash per person. However a zero-waste event reduces that number to less than a third of a pound per person, of which less than one ounce is non-recyclable trash. Zero-waste events require a bit more planning than simply putting out a recycle container, but aren’t difficult once you know the secrets.

1)    Hungry Guests – We don’t really mean your visitors should starve, but resist the urge to order more food than you think you’ll need.

2)    Bulk Servings – Single-serving food items generate a lot of waste, and in most cases the packaging can’t go into the recycle container. Serve in bulk to generate less waste

3)    Leftovers – Encourage guests and staff to take leftover food home at the end of the event. If you can’t do that, then be sure the food ends up in a compost bin and not the trash.

4)    Skip Utensils – Finger foods like sandwiches let you avoid using forks and spoons that will either go in the trash or need to be washed.

5)    Reusable Utensils – If you need to use silverware or plates then provide washable items rather than plasticware. Use cloth napkins rather than paper.

6)    Recycled Utensils – Paper plates are more likely than plastic plates to have high recycled content.

7)    The Right Plastic – Most recycling providers accept all plastics in the recycle container but very few recycle anything other than #1 and #2 plastics. Use only these plastics at your event.

8)    Recycle Containers – Of course you need to put out containers, but be sure to have enough that guests don’t have to search for a recycling bin.

9)    Compost Bins – There is no reason food items should end up in the landfill. If your organization doesn’t compost then find a partner who will accept the waste.

10)    No Lone Trash Cans – Never, ever place a trash can without a recycle container nearby.

11)    Education – Event advertisements as well as signs throughout the venue should announce it is a zero-waste event, and what that means.

12)    Signage – Don’t hide your recycling areas. Provide clear signs that use symbols as well as words, ensuring everyone can find the bins they need.

13)    Bin Sorting – Guests will inevitably throw the wrong item in the wrong recycle container. Be prepared to sort through the bins to be sure all waste ends up in the right place

Your first zero-waste event might be a bit overwhelming but once you learn these lucky 13 secrets you’ll find future events proceed much more easily. Take the time to plan your event and you can make a big difference in the environment.

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