Increasing Recycling in Your Office is as Easy as Adding More Recycling Bins

As someone who is concerned about the environmental impact of your day-to-day actions, you might worry that your office is not as eco-friendly as it should be. For example, if you have ever seen an employee toss a perfectly good recyclable item in with the rest of the garbage, it might have made you feel more than a little bit upset. You could be wondering how you can actually increase recycling in the office.

There are all sorts of things that you can try to increase recycling participation. Hosting contests between different floors or departments, offering incentives for recycling and more can all be successful. However, one of the simplest yet most effective ways of increasing recycling in the office is simply to put out more recycling bins.

Even though you might be used to recycling, there is a chance that some of your employees aren’t. This means that they might not mean any harm when they toss recyclable items in the garbage can; it just might not have crossed their minds to do things differently. Putting out plenty of recycling bins and making sure that they are visible can help put and keep the idea of recycling in employees’ minds.

Plus, having ample recycling bins all throughout the building can help prevent employees from tossing things into the garbage because they don’t feel like walking to another room, and it can allow people to recycle in an efficient manner, which can help prevent productivity issues. It might seem overly simplified, but if you add additional recycling bins throughout various parts of the office, you might be surprised by how much of an impact it can have on recycling participation throughout the building!