3 Environmental Advantages/Benefits of Using Recycling Bins

3 Ways Recycling Bins Benefit the Environment

3 Ways Recycling Bins Benefit the Environment

By now, most people have heard about recycling, but are not really sure of all the benefits of doing it. For some, it may seem like another hassle that makes life more difficult. Below you will find three environmental advantages/benefits of using recycling bins.

1. Prevent pollution: the statistics on the prevention of water, and air pollution are astounding. Recycling items instead of throwing them away makes our air and water supply much safer for all to enjoy.

2. Save energy: If we can recycle 30% of our trash each year, we can save enough energy to equate to 11.9 billion gallons of gasoline. This is a massive amount of energy, and that is from recycling a mere 30% of our trash. Imagine the savings if we recycled more.

3. Boost the economy: It only takes one person to run a landfill, but a recycling plant employees many more people. For every one person that it takes to run a landfill, it takes 25 more to keep up with recycling.

These three reasons above are just a few of the ways that recycling benefits society. There are several other reasons to provide more rubbish bins, use recycling bins, and reduce the waste that you put out.

It may seem like another job when you first get started, but the advantages of using bins far outweigh the work. It’s like anything else, once it becomes a habit, you won’t even think about it anymore. It will become like second nature. Getting started is simple, and with all the benefits, you will be so glad that you started.

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10 Responses to 3 Ways Recycling Bins Benefit the Environment

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  2. Avatar SwagCycle says:

    Very nice!! Recycling waste is the best way to encourage environmental sustainability. We can recycle our household items, branded merchandise, and other items with these awesome ideas. If you cannot then there are many recycling centers like SwagCycle which aims to keep the waste out of landfills.

  3. I thought it was interesting how you said that recycling can help prevent pollution. My wife and I just moved from an apartment to a house. We will be sure to have a garbage and recycling bin so that we can help prevent pollution.

  4. That is a good point that recycling items instead of throwing them away would be good for reducing pollution. Maybe I should get a recycle trash bin to use. That would be especially nice after Christmas and birthdays with all the paper and cardboard.

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on why you should recycle! My wife and I have not been the best a recycling lately, and I think that we should do a better job. I like how you mentioned that you can even make some money by recycling some things like cables. Thanks again!

  6. Recycling has been something that my parents taught me how to do, and I have kept it up most of my life. I have recently been wondering if this is worth it, and am curious to know about the benefits this has, minus the obvious ones of course. It’s interesting to learn that doing this actually helps boost the economy, since it has a lot of job opportunities for a lot of people.

  7. Avatar Burt Silver says:

    I didn’t realize that recycling bins were good for the economy. I guess it makes sense that recycling creates jobs! My wife and I have been thinking about becoming more eco-friendly, and it seems like we just found another great reason to start recycling more. Thanks for the information!

  8. Avatar John says:

    I thought it was interesting how the article mentioned that recycling 30% of our trash can equate to saving 11.9 billion gallons of gasoline! I think recycling is more simple than we make it out to be sometimes. It’s as easy as keeping your recyclable bottles out of the trash, and into the recycling bin.

  9. Avatar Scott says:

    I had no idea that by recycling 30% of our trash each year, we can save enough energy to equal 11.9 billion gallons of gasoline. That is an extremely high number! I think there should be more awareness of taking care of the environment.

  10. That’s amazing that 30% of trash recycled equates to 11.9 billion gallons of gasoline. I wish more people could see the benefit of recycling. Where I used to live it was mandated, you had to recycle. I wish more states would take that stance.

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