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Which Indoor Recycling Bins Will Work Best for Your Space?

Which recycling bins are best for your indoor space?

Traditional, box shaped, brightly colored plastic recycling bins seem to be everywhere. But not every business wants or needs the same things. You may want something that fits in with the surrounding décor. Or, perhaps you need containers that are suitable for different areas, or sizes than were initially required. No matter what type of business you have, what you recycle or what kind of décor you have, there are a myriad of indoor recycling bins available to complement your surroundings and help everyone fully participate in your recycling program.

General guidelines

To get the right indoor recycling bins for your business, you will want to make sure you know where the bins will be used, how much they need to hold and how many waste streams they should accommodate.

Recycling bins need to be easy to use. Also, the placement and operation of the bins are important. They should be conveniently located and labeled in some way so that everyone knows what they are.  Decals, color coding, and symbols are just a few ways you can customize containers while still preserving the overall look of the area.

Your business may have industry specific requirements as well. Here are a few examples to help get you started. 


Offices were some of the first places to encourage workplace recycling, so your employees may do it automatically by now. That means your indoor recycling bins don’t need to be extremely visible, and you can opt for something that fits in more with the décor. Something like the Boxina Recycle Bin that is available in several modern finishes is easy to fit into whatever décor you have. The Aristata Tier II Slate Recycle Bin would also be an appropriate choice and would work in an area where you are going for a more refined look such as conference rooms, lobbies or executive office areas. Recycle bins for individual work stations would need to fit under or next to desks, so an option like the Desksider 28 Quart Recycle Bin is a good choice here.

Hotel, resort or spa

Public areas like lobbies and atriums may be elegantly decorated; you don’t want an indoor recycling bin that ruins the vibe. Anything mentioned in lobbies or conference rooms would work here too. For something with a different shape, try the Almond Double Stream Recycle Bin. These bins could also be used by the lobby / front desk or in an office area.  If your individual guest rooms require recycling bins, the Inn Room Recycler Container is just the right size.  Additionally, you may have a need for indoor recycling bins in areas by vending or ice machines. The Petrograd Triple Stream Recycling Station offers a metal finish that is also scratch and dent resistant making it good for high traffic areas. 

School, daycare, or children’s activity center

Areas with lots of children will need something that is very visible, easy to understand and use, and sturdy. The Waste Watcher Kidz Station is specifically designed for use by children. If you need something larger, the Trio 75 Gallon Triple Stream Recycle Bin has openings in the front making it easier for children to use. 


The Boka Recycling Bin is a stylish option at customer entrances or in employee areas, and offers fire resistance. For a large area like a mall, the Excel Catch All Station could work well. 

There are attractive and functional containers available for any recycling program. Choosing the right indoor recycling bins will encourage your employees to do their part to keep costs down and help the environment.

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