Petrograd Triple Stream

Petrograd Triple Stream

$ 2,305.00 USD

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With 3 large 15 gallon fiberglass liners, the Petrograd Triple Stream is designed for any high traffic area, including Atriums, Lobbies, Boardrooms / Conference Rooms, Corridors / Hallways & Office Buildings. Ergonomically designed for operator; the top opens easily using 2 gas piston hinges.

The Petrograd features a sleek, flawless & uniform stainless steel top, toe kick & leveling feet. The Petrograd’s straight back allows for optimal footprint; letting the unit sit flush with any interior wall. Customize this receptacle for any interior design. Choose from a wide range of metals & high quality laminates.

Stock Receptacle Openings

Circle   Slot   CircleCircle   Slot   Circle

Cleaning care for all laminated products

Please use warm or hot water and a cloth when cleaning laminated containers. Both Chemical and Eco-Friendly cleaning solutions will eventually penetrate the laminate and eat away at the glue that holds the laminate to the metal or wood surfaces. This will cause the laminate to let go from the underlying surface and void your warranty.

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$ 2,305.00 USD

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6 - 9 Weeks
3 x 15 Gallons
36" W x 15" D x 36" H
Includes Rigid Liners
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